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When Utrust started building the company we are today, we knew one thing for certain: we wanted our own token to be a cornerstone of our project. The Utrust token utility would always be linked to our Platform. Throughout the years, as the company grew, other products sometimes took the spotlight a bit more, but UTK was always a priority.

This is why today feels like such a momentous occasion.

Introducing: Reverse staking

Our token has a series of powerful features in the works, as part of our roadmap.

The first one we are introducing is one of a kind, and a brand new concept in token economics. Reverse staking. You may be familiar with the traditional form of staking, of course. It’s a process by which you hold on to digital currencies in order to support the network. The longer you hold on to your coins, the greater the reward. Simple enough. The most common result of staking, however, is an increase in the amount of tokens that are in circulation. …

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Utrust isn’t an ordinary company.

When our founders got together and decided to found it, the conversations buzzing in their minds weren’t about profits, marketability or investments. Our founders wanted to change the world. Not for glory, or to make a name for themselves, but to make it better.

They understood the enormous opportunities that blockchain technology created, and they knew its power needed to be harnessed in a smart, fair, way. Payments aren’t just payments. Payments are the rent that keeps a roof over your head. They’re groceries. They’re Christmas gifts for the people you love. Payments are the way we get the things we need. …

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The world has been making payments in very much the same way since the late 19th century. The first wire transfer was performed by Western Union in 1872, via telegraph. The technology has evolved, evidently, but the basic methodology hasn’t.

Payments are an analog medium in a digital world.

Utrust wants to change this. And when you are a company that’s dedicated to changing the way the world does something with a centuries-long history, you need like-minded partners.

Welcome our new technology partner, Brandit

Brandit is a group of immensely talented individuals that have a service as diverse as it is qualified. They will create unique branding and marketing solutions for you whether you’re a band, an individual or a company. …

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To build the future, we need forward-thinking partners.

One of the funniest things about building the future of payments is encountering other companies that are also revolutionizing their own areas. Terra Virtua, much like Utrust, is using blockchain technology to completely renew the way something very old works.

We have always collected stuff. From stamps to coins to trading cards and football stickers, humans are a species of collectors. What makes collections special, however, is the rarity or uniqueness of the collected objects. Seeing as virtual objects are usually infinitely replicable, digital collections have never really been of much interest.

Until now.

A new industry.

Terra Virtua is dedicated to creating a new reality in which we can collect, store, display and enjoy unique virtual objects. …

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In a lovely 45’ discussion, Utrust managed to get some of the brightest minds of proptech into the same (virtual) room. We always seek to share with our community what the future will look like. As a company, we can never simply live in the present.

And who better to brave the unknown with than this group of people? Predictions are always difficult (COVID doesn’t help), but here’s who we enlisted to help us:


Louisa Dickins, Co-Founder of LMRE, Board of Directors at UKPA, Propcast Host & Fresh Bread Host


  • Dominic Grace, Director at Savills. Head of London Residential Development
  • David Fuller-Watts, Head of Product & CRO at Toolbox…

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VAVE are industry leaders. What they are doing for the real estate market is akin to what Utrust is doing to payments. They are bringing blockchain technology to an industry steeped in tradition and changing the entire game.

What they are doing is one of the most innovative and revolutionary practices in the real estate market: tokenization. Using blockchain technology, Vave is giving developers and managers the possibility of turning remarkably illiquid assets (real estate properties) into tokens, breaking them down into tiny pieces, and allowing for investments as small as $10, and as large as the customer desires.

The real estate market is a juggernaught

The worldwide real estate market is worth $712 Trillion. 75% of this is residential. One of the most significant roadblocks for investors getting in on this market is the illiquidity of the assets. Homes can only traditionally be bought and sold as a whole, which implies serious investment from the first moment. This is perhaps why real estate has been one the most receptive markets to digital currency adoption. …

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We wrote an article a little while back, where we shared some tips and tricks for merchants to make the best of Black Friday. We wanted them to make the best of the holiday and get their wicked deals out to as many people as possible.

Our last tip?

Accept digital currencies.

And now, we have come to you with proof! These are some of the best, most wonderful deals on the market, and they’re all available for the Utrust community to purchase using digital currencies. A lot of them are even exclusive…

So, dig in:

To get started, here’s our own gift to you: any purchase you make through the Utrust gateway gets you 5% cashback in UTK, regardless of the wallet you choose to pay with. Terms & Conditions…

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Visa, Mastercard credit cards, Apple Pay and many more.

Yay! 🎉

Moonpay is doing for digital currency ownership and acquisition exactly what Utrust is doing for payments. They’re making it easy, safe, seamless, and profitable. Now, they’re putting all of their magic at the service of our very own UTK.

With Moonpay, you can buy UTK tokens much in the same way you’d buy anything else online, using the same familiar steps. They take VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and even bank transfers.

This is a two-way street we are very happy to find ourselves in. Not only will Utrust’s community of users now get a brilliant new way where to purchase their currencies, but our own UTK token will now get to integrate a brand new ecosystem. …

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Black Friday is upon us, and we’ve got to be ready for it. It can be difficult to strategize for a holiday when every webstore on the planet is running promotions, so we’ve decided to do a quick and simple list of things every store can do to help boost sales.

Play with timing

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Utrust has recently announced its new app. You can read all about that here. One of the reasons why we were eager to enter this new chapter was so we could unlock the full potential of our token, UTK. There’s plenty more features to come, but we’re starting with reverse staking.

The article above includes a primer on what it is, but we felt like this truly awesome feature deserved an article of its own. Let’s start by looking into traditional forms of staking:

Traditional staking creates weak tokenomics

Many companies started providing incentives for people to lock up their tokens and just keep them in place. If you didn’t move a predetermined amount of tokens for a certain period of time, you got a reward in the form of more tokens. Those incentives, most of the time, came right out of the company’s reserves. This has some very troublesome consequences down the line. As more tokens flooded the market medium-long term, they were mostly sold, creating even more selling pressure. …



The easiest way to pay with & accept digital currencies. The money of tomorrow is here. Experience digital payments with Utrust:

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