Online Storefront Jumpseller Partners with UTRUST to Enable Instant Acceptance of Cryptocurrency as Payment

Crypto-payments company UTRUST has announced a partnership with e-commerce storefront Jumpseller to become its preferred payment platform, effective immediately.

Using the UTRUST platform, retailers and individual merchants that create online stores on Jumpseller can now instantly start accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrency from customers. In addition to offering instant cryptocurrency transactions, the new UTRUST integration provides Jumpseller merchants with guaranteed protection against market volatility by enabling crypto-to-cash settlements.

“UTRUST will enable all Jumpseller merchants and their customers with a payment solution, which is faster, cheaper and chargeback-free. We are excited to work together and to play a role in this currency revolution.” said Tiago Matos, Co-Founder of Jumpseller.

The UTRUST payment system enables customers who have cryptocurrency holdings to instantly use their cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services from merchants on Jumpseller, which will accept multiple crypto-assets as means of payment. The UTRUST platform converts tokens instantly to fiat currency to protect the merchant and customer from fluctuating cryptocurrency prices during the transaction.

“This integration opens up Jumpseller’s marketplace to new sources of revenue from cryptocurrency payments, which in turn will expand merchant sales, business reach and establish a differentiation factor in a highly competitive market,” added Nuno Correia, CEO of UTRUST. “We look forward to continuing to identify partnerships such as this that integrate our solution directly with a global software provider and enable UTRUST to reach thousands of new merchants and millions of potential customers.”

Over 35,000 merchants will be able to use the UTRUST platform in order to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment through this partnership. Currently, more than 10,000 stores use the Jumpseller marketplace, whose clients include Anker, Karcher, Yeatman, and ttantii.