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Sep 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Someone, somewhere, sometime, said, “If a corporation was a person, he would be a sociopath”.

Corporations, historically and generally, exist solely for the purpose of making money for the shareholders with no repercussions or sensitivity to social consequences. Law are in place to treat corporations as if they were their own person, encouraging this behavior, with none of the consequences like needing to show your face at the playground every day. If they did, these would be the ones getting beaten up.

Think about that idea. All these companies, holding trillions in assets and all this political power, existing solely for the good of creating dividends and appreciation of their shares.

I am all for capitalism, but not everyone feels that way, and for good reason. Many feel that there should be a way that exists in parallel to do business.

There is an interesting pull to the stakeholder centric model. Companies like Kickstarted proved this, and we are now adapting in new ways. Potential stakeholders are being connected and enabled in such a way that they start to demand these communities that they want to dedicate energy and time to. Shareholders aren’t pushing corporations away, and they will always be there, but this pull offers entrepreneurs a new structure and environment. Profit in a way that makes both the stakeholders and the entrepreneurs aligned and conscious. Both serving to better a community. This model can separate the entrepreneur from the cannibalistic pressures of shareholders, but forces the business to remain focussed on feeding the stakeholders and bettering the community.

UTRUST wants to continue to better the community.

The decentralized nature of Bitcoin was an integral step in this development. Users have complete and direct control of their money and can send money to one another in a peer to peer fashion. Transactions are verified by stakeholders, miners, and users. A closed community of those that want to be there. Not forced to conform by archaic regulations. BTC specifically and intentionally skips a central institution. Stakeholders are incentivized both by the joining of a new community, receiving fees and mining of new coins associated with the processing of transactions. These incentives and decentralization changed currency in an unprecedented way. Users no longer need to rely on a third party to issue, hold or transfer funds digitally.

UTRUST wants to be in this community.

UTRUST wants stakeholders for more than just convenience sake. Our team saw first hand the issues that a buyer and business faces by trying to pay with/ accept bitcoins. We met in forums, business, and meet-ups. So many of us share this frustration. This is our community. We want to get more involved.

Stakeholders are interested in the success of a mission, and not just the dividends to follow. We need the stakeholders to be there with us to educate and evangelize our future vendor-partners on how UTRUST is finally bridging the gap to the hundred billion dollars of crypto value. Despite the rush to invest, UTRUST is not looking for shareholders. We are completely excited to structure our crowd-sale as tokens which, we believe, are being sold well below their intrinsic value, but we want more from our community. We want a community.

A UTRUST community.

We are happy to release extra value to those who are going to believe and free up the resources for us to realize this community. Together.

It’s up to all of us to make this a community and not just a dream.

While we’re at it, lets make UTK a top performing ICO, and raise the profile of what we are doing.

Round 1 of ICO begins September 20. Pre-ICO sold out in 90 minutes. Don’t miss out!

Have a look at UTRUST’s Whitepaper, stay involved on our Slack channel (

Check out our website:

Follow us on twitter, Facebook, and Telegram,

-Nick Olender

VP of Marketing

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