UTRUST Forms Partnership with Payrexx to ‘Transform’ Crypto-Payment Landscape in Europe

Partnership Provides Merchants With Access to 40 Million Digital Currency Holders Worldwide.

Crypto-payment company UTRUST, a technology platform that makes cryptocurrencies spendable for online purchases, today announced an exclusive partnership with Payrexx, a leading and trusted PSP (Payment Service Provider) in Europe.

The partnership could transform the overall European crypto-payment landscape by providing merchants with access to 40 million cryptocurrency holders around the world.

Through this integration, Payrexx now has a user-friendly crypto payment solution to offer to their database of more than 10,000 merchants, including Adidas, Hotelcard, Alexander Wang, Amavita and Sixt. UTRUST is the first cryptocurrency payment platform that guarantees both buyer and seller protection.

“We are excited to partner with Payrexx, as the company truly understands how to adapt to the changing market needs of merchants,” said Nuno Correia, founder and CEO of UTRUST. “This partnership enables both companies to unleash the opportunity for more mainstream acceptance of crypto-payments.”
“When we were looking for a new crypto-payments partner, UTRUST’s deep-rooted understanding of merchant and customers’ requirements when it comes to these payments stood out,” added Payrexx CEO Ivan Schmid. “Their solution protects users from the inherent volatility of crypto markets, ensuring that those who want to transact will have a consistent price for goods and services.”

Schmid also noted that UTRUST distinguished itself from other companies in the space because it has a clear strategy for implementing its suite of products to promote the adoption of online crypto payments systems.

The integration is expected to be live in Q1 2019.