Why should UTRUST?

(Who wouldn’t want a Lambo on the Moon?)

Let’s be honest here. New exciting blockchain and fintech startups are appearing out of thin air and the air is getting hotter than ever. Companies like Cleo, Curve, and Bread are raising millions of dollars for new and innovative solutions which are aimed at making your life easier.

The key is about turning seemingly complicated or mundane things simple(r).

Just look at Coinbase. Founded 5 years ago, Coinbase is now one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and also a Unicorn. Why? Because it manages to combine the complexity behind crypto-trading with simplicity and usability, gives that sense of trust and security, and offers “beginner-friendly fees” (high emphasis on “beginner-friendly), which collectively allows to feed the public hype.

Now, you’ve probably heard somewhere about UTRUST. Maybe you read it at CoinTelegraph (not bragging here), maybe somewhere else. You’re not sure. But what’s so special about it? Here’s a few points:

“PayPal for Cryptocurrencies”? “Uber for Crypto-transactions”?

  • It’s a full platform allowing effortless payments between buyers and sellers. So yes, basically a PayPal-killer.

Fast, Simple & Easy to Use

  • Any payment can be made with a simple press of button. PayPal-like, but still a killer.


  • Blockchain — enough said.

“Beginner-friendly fees” are Actually Friendly

  • Low seller and exchange fees. Sellers are charged a flat 1% fee and the “advanced analytics” feature compares multiple exchanges to ensure the lowest exchange fees. How cool is that?

Buyer & Seller Protection

  • All payments made via UTRUST are fully covered by the system, enabling refunds and fraud protection.


  • Bitcoin? Ethereum? Litecoin? Dash? Other? No problem.


  • HODL it for that Lambo on the Moon.

The UTRUST ICO is now finished. For more information, have a look at UTRUST’s Whitepaper or get the latest updates on the UTRUST’s Website, Twitter (@UTRUST_Official), Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, or Discord.

— Arthur Zubkoff

I am free thinker, wannabe entrepreneur, and risk taker. Creative in design, following the innovation and celebrating the cutting edge. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiast @UTRUST & @Coinaware. Proud alumnus @UnivofStAndrews & @Newcastle University.

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