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When Utrust started building the company we are today, we knew one thing for certain: we wanted our own token to be a cornerstone of our project. The Utrust token utility would always be linked to our Platform. Throughout the years, as the company grew, other products sometimes took the spotlight a bit more, but UTK was always a priority.

This is why today feels like such a momentous occasion.

Introducing: Reverse staking

Our token has a series of powerful features in the works, as part of our roadmap.

The first one we are introducing is one of a kind, and a brand new concept in token economics. Reverse staking. You may be familiar with the traditional form of staking, of course. It’s a process by which you hold on to digital currencies in order to support the network. The longer you hold on to your coins, the greater the reward. Simple enough. The most common result of staking, however, is an increase in the amount of tokens that are in circulation. …

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Utrust has recently announced its new app. You can read all about that here. One of the reasons why we were eager to enter this new chapter was so we could unlock the full potential of our token, UTK. There’s plenty more features to come, but we’re starting with reverse staking.

The article above includes a primer on what it is, but we felt like this truly awesome feature deserved an article of its own. Let’s start by looking into traditional forms of staking:

Traditional staking creates weak tokenomics

Many companies started providing incentives for people to lock up their tokens and just keep them in place. If you didn’t move a predetermined amount of tokens for a certain period of time, you got a reward in the form of more tokens. Those incentives, most of the time, came right out of the company’s reserves. This has some very troublesome consequences down the line. As more tokens flooded the market medium-long term, they were mostly sold, creating even more selling pressure. …

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Gravity Co-living is on a mission. They want to reinvent the way we think of urban living. No more isolated flats of urban professionals that move to the city and know no one, need to figure everything out by themselves and live unbalanced, unfulfilling lives of hassle and confusion.

Making city living easy

Gravity wants to provide their tenants with everything they need to grow professionally and personally. …



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