There’s been a lot of buzz lately about in-app payments. People want to be able to do business over WhatsApp or Telegram, and a lot of payment solutions quite simply don’t make it easy.

Well, we like it when things are easy, seamless and powerful. So we built our own.

The music business was almost annihilated by the Internet. Bold statement to start out an article, right? But it’s true, regardless of what metric matters the most to you.

Let’s talk , which were, traditionally, the bread and butter for musicians. Musicians were creators of music, first and foremost…

There are a few verticals and sectors of business that were particularly quick to adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Few have done it with as much success and impact as the art world.

We will talk about NFTs in a second, but first let’s look at the traditional art market…

If you have traveled abroad and tried to use your debit or credit card outside of your own country (or block, such as the EU), surely you’ll have experienced the unpleasant sensation of getting charged more money than everyone else around you just because your card is different.

If you…


The easiest way to pay with & accept digital currencies. The money of tomorrow is here. Experience digital payments with Utrust:

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