Take Care of You to Take Care of Business


Work Smart Be Healthy

If you are an entrepreneur, you already acclimated yourself to a to the idea of working 24/7 to build your startup venture. You’re working hard and smart or are you?

If you have spent the first two month of your venture working around the clock, sleeping less than 42 hours a week and eating only after you remembered you haven’t had anything, then you are not working smart, just hard. Getting things quickly, in a short period of time sounds appealing and drives entrepreneurs to work 18 or more hours a day (all-nighters on the weekend) to get the business up and running. However, this pace is not only stressful mentally, it is extremely taxing on your body. It won’t take very long until you are fatigued, unable to think straight, and find your productivity slowing to a halt.

Excitement about your new venture drives the overwhelming need to get things done fast and right now. Though you have to resist the mental urging to push through just a few more hours. Be ever mindful of the fact that you are human and not a cyborg or a robot. If you are not eating or drinking enough water or getting adequate rest, you will find yourself down for the count for a day or more.

Take care of yourself first. Eat breakfast, keep a bottle of water on your desk. Get up from your seat every two hours to stretch your legs and relieve the pressure on your lower back. Your mind can also use the breaks to gain fresh and different perspectives. Call it quits by 7:00 pm, honesty, how productive are you after that time anyway? Eat a decent dinner, spend a short time planning activities for the next day, then chillax until you’re ready to go to bed.

About the weekends. I know you’re going to work, we all do! Just give yourself a brief break and sleep-in or lay-in till at least 10:00 am, and limit yourself to only 4 hours of work on the business, because there are other things that also need your attention like the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the bathroom, spending time with your family. Those things may not be as much fun as working on your marketing plan or financial projections, yet it’s a part of life you still have to live.

Plan, prioritize, schedule, eat, drink and rest. Maintaining good health is also an important factor in building professional success.