Why Celebrate the National Day of Independence?


While Americans gear up to celebrate Independence day tomorrow, it is hard to ignore that most Americans do not exercise their civic responsibility to when it comes to participating in the nation’s political process?

The US population, estimated to be 223.9 million, and voter turnout is less that 50 percent in general elections. Too many Americans are unfamiliar with how our government works and are apathetic as a result. People across the country believe their votes don’t makes a difference and feel that the workings of the government has no impact on their lives. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Not exercising our voting power has negative consequences. Such as giving over the control of your interests and needs to others who do participate in the political process and will use your silence to their advantage.

Since 1992, more people participate in presidential elections than local elections. Local elections are the most important, since in these contests are where the people who will represent our communities on the municipal, state and federal level are chosen.

You wouldn’t buy a car without doing research and vetting the dealers, so why aren’t political candidates vetted. Why do we do we allow legislators to be 20, 30 year incumbents, when they are not serving our needs? If you think you are not being negatively impacted by what the government does, then what about stop and frisk, unannounced search and seizure without possession of warrants or being taxed to pay for corporate subsidies, while learning it illegal to collect rainwater for personal use as you are getting arrested.

As the protections of the Constitution is being whittled away. As Americans lose rights to privacy, rights to the security of our property and person, the question begs to be asked. Should we be celebrating out of a sense of tradition or should we be reflecting on what has been lost and what we continue to give up what made America great?

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