LEAP for Success: Helping this Austin AR/VR Education Technology Take Off

If you haven’t had a chance to play around with virtual reality, your kids might beat you to it. Austin startup, disruptED, is creating dynamic education technology that brings AR/VR learning tools that engage students while making it easy for parents and teacher to implement.

Recently, disruptED got the help of UT Austin McCombs MBA Candidates through the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (LEAP). Over a semester, MBA students worked alongside the company’s founders to develop financial and sales strategy. Read the success story below to see what impact the MBA team had through their work.

LEAP teams worked with four Austin startups last semester, and new teams will be gearing up for more next fall! Check out the photos from the Spring 18 Showcase.

Interested in participating as a startup or on an MBA team? Find more info on how to get involved here.

About disruptED from founder and CEO, Kate Peiler

disruptED is an immersive media publishing company that creates joyful and empowering learning experiences with Augmented reality and Virtual reality technology for PreK-12 education. I am on a mission to help shepherd this new immersive age of learning into the hands of educators, parents and kids to be sure they see its incredible value to visual learners like me who need these tools to get and stay engaged with learning. I have over 20 years experience running my own production company, building award winning learning teams, and pioneering AR/VR into marketing and learning campaigns for fortune 500 companies. I’ve evolved my creative and technical skills into interactive storytelling solutions for eLearning, scenario based learning and gamification style learning. I’ve now come full circle to combine these skills to develop and distribute immersive learning tools for disruptED.