UT Ranks in Top 10 Schools for Entrepreneurs

As Austin continues to grow in terms of the tech and startup scene, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of entrepreneurs are getting their starts at the University of Texas. In fact, a new ranking finds UT to be in the top 10 schools that produce the most VC-backed startup founders.

While we all know successful college dropouts, ahem Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg, attending college is still a huge marker of professional achievement. Your specific major might not relate to the field you end up pursuing, but the fundamental teamwork, time management, networking and problem-solving skills you hone in college are critical.

According to the study by PtichBook, UT produced more than 550 entrepreneurs across 411 companies, raising more than $4 billion. You don’t need an Ivy League pedigree to succeed as an entrepreneur. In fact, only 2 of the top 10 startup founder generating institutions fall into this category. PitchBook analyst Garrett Black explains that VCs aren’t making decisions solely on your diploma origin. Black believes“It’s largely a matter of how much a given individual is suited for their particular plan,” he added. So, your biochemistry degree from Harvard won’t do as much for you if you’re pitching a fashion startup, while your impressive senior project in econometrics might just catch a VC’s eye if you’re pitching a retail analytics business, even if you did it at a lesser known school.”

Here are a few UT resources for entrepreneurs who want to take their big ideas from inception to reality.