Why We Need More Women Leaders in STEM

Women make up half of the total college-educated workforce in the US, but only 29% of the science and engineering workforce. Danielle Applestone is one of these impressive women in STEM. Applestone is the CEO and co-founder of Other Machine Co. (now Bantam tools), a leading manufacturer of desktop CNC machines. Breaking the industry standards, an amazing half of her company is female.

Applestone explains that, “as women leaders, we are taught that emotions are best left at home, and that your gut isn’t to be trusted, how you feel about something isn’t to be trusted. I actually think it’s a super power.” She has used this “super power” to become a highly successful woman in STEM. Applestone revolutionized hardware development by dramatically increasing the accessibility of high-precision electronics prototyping, and her company reduced the size of massive industrial mills to desktop sized machines that can be used without training.

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