Stories Behind UT-Shirts: 90s Pop Culture

Photo by Julie Garcia

By Julie Garcia

Screaming pop culture with its bursts of color, vintage design and music-enriched images, this T-shirt catches eyes from every direction and embraces the Austin culture.

“I like music a lot,” said Henry Trentham, an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. “I like listening about music. I like finding new music. I like everything about it.”

The T-shirt he wore while riding his bike around campus symbolized these words.

The all-black shirt was blank on the back but contained an array of images of 90s R&B singer Lauryn Hill on the front. It had a vintage filter to it, which made the pictures on it look old-school. Some of the pictures were enclosed in a circle with a solid-colored background, which gave it that 90s yearbook picture vibe. It wasn’t just the mellow and faded colors on it, but the words on the T-shirt even have a retro look to them.

The shirt read, “ L Boogie,” the artist’s nickname, with red and black gradient-filled bubble letters, which have a blue shadow behind them. The shirt looks as if it came straight out of a box that your parents might have stored in the attic with all their 90s clothes in it, but it’s actually a newer shirt.

Trentham says he has had the shirt for around two years, when he purchased it his junior year in High School. He bought the shirt from a company called Coke Magic on its website, A music fanatic himself, Trentham said he heard about the shirts when a singer he listens to talked about buying some of them. One thing Trentham finds unique about the shirts is that the designer finds the pictures online, Photoshops them and designs them from there. He says the shirt represents his love for music and his aesthetic.

“I like having unique things,” Trentham said. “I picked it because I liked the design and if people know who she is, then I know that they like good music.”

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