FRIENDZONE:Do you experience it?

Heyyy guyss im backk again your one and only UUnknown34 hehehe….gwad this is my 4th blog now my topic is na friendzone ka na ba do you experience it?hmm i have a answer for that yesss soo many times my ex crushes (hahaha ex talaga charot XD)always friendzoning mehh thats a big Outchh at all hehehehe but its pasttt and its present tense na hahaha btww someone request this at all and she’s my friend in reall life naranasan na nya kase sabii ng crushh nya friends na lang daw sla kayaa ayann na lungkot si gurl i feel you gurl hahaha lemme tell chu dis real storyy…..^-^

Hmmm ano ba pwede…hmm..(Actually di ko masyado alam yung story ng gurl hehehe sorry po Dx)okiee there ish a gurl lemme call this chocolate (because im hungry xD)she hass a crushh to a boy named Caramel (Si G yan) att may isang babae nman name nya ay pineapple (Si Tin) si tin pineapple ay may gusto rin kay caramel loyal pa nga eh edi nangyari naging luv triangle slaa yung sina chocolate at pineapple ay umaasa lang sa walaa lalo sii chocolate kase binusted sya ni caramel kasii turing ni caramel kayy chocolatee friends kaya nafriendzone si chocolatee heartbreakk na sya owwie i feel chu chocolate so much hahaha at ayunn tanggap nman ni chocolate ehh may iba na nga syang crushh eh lemme call him Cappucino may crush syaa kay chocolate at all but di na sila nagpapansinan pa kaya nalungkot si chocolate.

Ayan na storry ni chocolate and itss sad and tragic at all loll lemme tell chu a advice move on and wag umaasa sa wala that’s simplee at all yun lang masasabi ko sa inyoo waley na iba…

And my 4th blog is finish sorry if its short di ko kase masyado alam yung story at alll and abangan nyo na lang yung 5th blog ko i hope you’ll like this blog at alll that’s all for now baizzz guyss peace outt!!✌

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