Hey guys my name is UUnknown34 and im 12 years old i live in Philippines so ima use may language as taglish mixing up the tagalog and english so anyways i have 2 brothers and 1 older sister i love them so much and also my mom and dad hehehe labyah hahaha btw my favorites are singing, dancing ,listening music, eating some foods (Hehhe matakaw talga ako xD) and also playing my cp Now my hobbies are soccer and golf i love playing them i dont care if its a boring game i just love it also golf when i was a 7 year old girl my dad taught me how to golf at all and the balls are getting lost at all hahahaha love them and I also dream to be a photographer and a patiesserre chef like baking some goodies like that hehehe (But my mom doesnt taught me to cook or bake some food Dx)hehehe lemme describe myself hmm…im quiet sometimes, a shy type makulit,madaldal,Boyish and also Childish xD hehehe.Thats all for now i hope you’ll enjoy my blog actually this is my first time to try to blog i just wanna open up my feelings and also problems kaya gusto ko magblog.Byeee guyss Peace Out!

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