What is Friendship to you?

Yoowww im back hehehe…dis is my second blog about friendship is friendship important to you or nah?my answer is yes having a friends is a happiest thing in my life they’re not living you alone when you have a problem or if your lonely and also bondings i love them so…lemme tell you a story about a friends one of them are fake and backstabber.

Hmm there is a girl we can call her Anime Girl (Wala akong maisip hehehe xD)she had many friends at her church at all there are all friendly but sometimes nagaaway sla minsan kasi yung nagsisimula ay si lemme call this girl hm…Carrie (Like a ghost xD)she’s so mataray fake friend and also gusto nya ng away ata plagi eh aishh i really hate her she wants me and my friends to left all the group chat aishhh also she’s fake at all she’s a framour she doenst understand what is friendship is tsk…she just using us tsk…i hate her so much pagsumombra na sya ima sumbong her to tatay gary and ate aileen kaya nya di ko gagawin yun tss…hate her…sana pagsisihan nya yung mga kasalanan nya tsk…goodluck to her

Okiee Thats the story about is friendship important to you?i think not your just using, backstabbing, faking your friend you think Thats funny not all you should be honset to your friend not faking him/Her tss…

Friendship is a game a survival mode if you want to live then be honest to your friend not faking it tss….god damn just stop being a fake friend its getting your friend so mad and hurt you know that wala ka kase pake sa friend mo kaya naging plastic ka tsk…nilokoo,Traitor mo na lang sya gwad dam just stop it Thats the only one to say you if you want me to hurt me then go i dont really care i just want the proof that your a fake friend at all if you want a another Best Fake Friend to me sorry sweetie i dont want now tsk..your just a freakin best fake friend for me and i wont ever give you a second chance sobra na kase yung mga ginagawa mo lalo yung pananalita mo tas pilisopo ka ba damn tsk….

I hope you understand my blog nakaranasan na kase ako kaya sinulat ko to aa blog ko btw i hace quote to you

Its funny how your nice to my face,A Hilarious how you talk behind my back and its downright comical that you think ik unware

Thats the quote i hope you’ll understand it at all and also follow me and like my blog now..well baizzz now Peace Out!

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