A Work In Progress: Facebook Live

By Emily — social media intern

Facebook Live is a new asset to the social media world and it is a work in progress to figure out our process. In August, the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire Integrated Marketing Communications department started experimenting with how it will benefit our institution. We covered events from homecoming, set up informational interviews, student involvement and student life. We have learned a few things so far.

1. Make sure you have good connection.

When you go live, make sure you have perfect connection, otherwise it will lose signal and you won’t be able to hear or see what is going on.

2. Research before hand.

Be knowledgeable about your topic so you can have a conversation with your interviewee or event organizer. When you are able to comment back or respond to what they say, it makes the audience feel more engaged.

3. Give shout-outs.

Who doesn’t like to be recognized? When you see someone commenting on your live stream, point it out. Either answer their question or just say hi and thanks for watching!

4. Make an outline.

If you’re doing a Q&A or interview, create an outline so you have guidelines just in case the interview becomes boring or you run out of things to talk about.

5. Keep it fairly short (unless it’s an event.)

Keep your live stream between 5–10 minutes to get the best viewership. Events are exceptions, however. We had the best live coverage from our homecoming halftime show with the Blugold Marching Band. It was great to interact with the audience during the live stream as well.

Even though we are still learning the benefits and niches for using Facebook Live, this has been what we learned in the past couple months. It is a work in progress and we’ll share more updates as we learn more!

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