Study Abroad Photo Contest 2018

Each year, UW-Eau Claire Study Abroad hosts a photo contest that is sponsored by the Center for International Education and the Council on Internationalization & Global Engagement. The annual contest gives students who have participated on an international program a chance to showcase moments from their experiences around the globe.

After reviewing over 200 photo submissions, the top photos were chosen from a panel of judges. They will be on display in the McIntyre Library showcases (right outside the library) from March 1–23.

Here are the top 10 photos selected for the categories “A New Adventure” and “Instagrammable.”


#10: Quito, Ecuador by August Guenthner

“This photo is a view of the historical district in Quito, Ecuador. It relates to the category of a new adventure because it depicts a city that is unlike any in the United States. The cathedral is the most noticeable structure in the image but all the brightly colored buildings together make up a beautiful landscape.”

#9: African Sunrise Hike by Gabrielle Knauer

“This photo was taken in Stellenbosch while hiking Coetzenburg Mountain, which was a new adventure for me because I had never hiked a mountain before! We woke up very early and walked in the dark just so we could watch the sun rise as we hiked up to the top. When we finally made it, I was really proud of the accomplishment I had made!”

#8: Photographing the Colosseum by Ethan Jackson

“Studying abroad in Europe presents the opportunity to travel frequently, and experience new countries, cultures, and history. There is no better way to remember a trip or experience than with a great photograph, like this of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.”

#7: The City of Bridges by Christine Behling

“The city of bridges — Venice, Italy — can be seen through a whole different lens when you experience it going under the bridges, rather than over.”

#6: Over the Rainbow by Hayden Wilke

“During Semana Santa, a group of my closest friends and I traveled to Dublin, Ireland where we had the opportunity to visit some of Ireland’s hidden hot spots off the main tourist track. This particular photo was snapped at Ross Eerily Friary. The luck of the Irish must have been on our side that day because after a cruddy day filled with rain, we finally got a glimpse of what’s truly at the end of a rainbow.”

#5: Paddington Station by Ethan Jackson

“While studying in England, the best way to travel the country is by train. Navigating the complex public transportation systems in Europe is a new experience for many studying abroad. This picture is of Paddington Station, London.”

#4: Rope Bridge by Kiara Lanners

“Crossing the Rope Bridge in Ireland made me cross paths with some new people. I experienced a new country with new people who became some of my closest friends and for that, I cherish that adventure.”

#3: I Lava Guatemala by Elizabeth Botz

“This photo was taken at the top of the Volcano called Pacaya.”

#2: Kayaking in Milford Sound by Bailey Buisker

“This trip to New Zealand and visiting Milford Sounds was on my bucket list of adventures even before I left to study abroad in Australia. On top of taking in these new beautiful sights that pictures don’t even do it justice, I got to kayak (one of my favorite things to do) in some of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.”

#1: Eiffel Tower by Bryanna Esser

“The Eiffel Tower was one of my favorite places to visit. Anytime of day, the Eiffel Tower always took my breath away!”


#10: Broken Reflections by David Poynter

“Although while taking this picture there wasn’t a whole lot on my mind (other than the different composition options and finding the feel I was picturing), after taking the photo and especially while editing it, I was confronted with the idea of the broken reflections that were shown in the sphere. Originally from a distance I had thought the sculpture was of a globe, although I was wrong in my assumption, the thought still lingered on. I thought of how the world we live in is actually broken in many ways. Not only the world, but even more importantly, the people that make up the world. The broken reflection of my own image. There is a lot of wonder and beauty in this world and the people therein, but what’s at the core of it all are people’s hearts. My hope is that this brokenness would be restored in all of our hearts, including my own, and that as a result the world would mend into the perfect world it was meant to be. But there is also beauty in brokenness, just as with this sculpture, and that is something that should bring us all much comfort.”

#9: Land of Smiles by Justin Vue

“Thailand and Laos being known as the land of smiles held true to its name. Traveling along the Mekong River by boat exploring villages along the way, we were welcomed by the sound of children laughing and warm smiles as mud pies flew across our face, hitting the opposing kids on the other side of the shore. Despite being covered from head to toe in mud, judging from his smile stretching from ear to ear, I knew no matter how much he tried to wash off the mud that smile would stay there.”

#8: A German Christmas by Brooke Wimberly

“I was able to travel from my school in England to Berlin, Germany during the Christmas season. I was able to stroll around all the cabins filled with homemade food and gifts. It was an incredible feeling to experience a German Christmas market.”

#7: A Breath of Actual Fresh Air by Ashleigh Johnson

“Never in my life have I seen something so beautiful and felt so at peace. Prior to studying abroad, I had never really seen mountains. In Interlaken, Switzerland, I not only got to paraglide off of a mountain but was also able to kayak through them.”

#6: Oh The Places You’ll Go by Alina Ngo

“One of the five villages of Cinque Terre. The breathtaking view is more than worthy of Instagram.”

#5: Highland Clouds by Ethan Jackson

“The Scottish Highlands are one of the most unique attractions in the U.K. The clouds fall and lift on the mountains allowing for spectacular reveals of imposing cliffs and colorful valleys as you drive through.”

#4: Xi’an Night Market by Kaitlin Mattis

“This photo was taken at the famous Muslim Street night market in Xi’an, China. A small group of friends and I got overnight sleeper train tickets to the city to visit the Terracotta Warriors and see other sights. At the end of our day there, we visited the night market. When standing at the front of the street, you can see vendors and shoppers alike mingling in the street, all lit up by the glow of the neon signs. The street is filled with shouting and music, and the air is full of delicious smells of street food. I believe this picture is Instagrammable because it shows the vibrancy and color of the famed Chinese night markets while also documenting my visit to a historical and famous city.”

#3: Midnight in Paris by Abigail Stoppleworth

“On an excursion to Paris with my program, my friends and I decided to discover the night life of Paris and watch the Eiffel Tower glow over the beautiful city. This picture is Instagram worthy because it makes the Eiffel Tower stand out and shine and makes itself the center of attention! That night was shared with laughter and good company under the glow of the Tower, following a day of exploring what the city of love had to offer a group of students studying abroad. The lawn in front of the Tower was covered in families, merchants, couples, and friends who were all sharing the same breath-taking view I was.”

#2: Les Bleus by Erica Gutjahr

“Mountainous scares were all throughout Europe and they are, unfortunately, something that the Midwest of the United States lacks! Not knowing exactly where the water ends, the sky begins, and where the peaks exist in between gives these mountainous scares such a breathtaking feel. The Lakes of Annecy, France are incredible beautiful and relaxing with their copious amounts of sailboats and water activities!”

#1: Getting Perspective by Regan McGillick

“I will never forget the feeling of when I first saw the incredible Andes Mountains of Chile. It was unreal to departure from a plane on the runway and then see rows and rows of mountain peaks just behind the city of Santiago. Now this particular mountain in the photo was not taken in Santiago, but in Patagonia. Though this photo represents the many feelings I had coming to Chile and traveling the beautiful land. For me, this trip had become a true act of “going where the mountains called me” and constantly feeling so overwhelmed by it all. It wasn’t the overwhelming feeling that is associated with stress, but it was this chilling, surreal, overwhelming sensation that made me realize: there is so much more out there. So much greater than me.”