The Stages of Room Selection

As told by “The Office”

You’ve already re-contracted to get housing for the 2016–17 school year so you anxiously await the arrival of your room selection priority number in your campus email inbox.

You see you’ve gotten an email from the Office of Residence Life! As you wait for the message to load, you hope that you got a good priority number.

Please let it be a low number, please let it be a low number

Unfortunately, your number is higher than you expected.

This is not the number I wanted

Luckily for you, your best friend and future roommate got a fantastic number!

You can always count on friends

You get together to discuss who else you’d like to room with.

We’d like to room with you, you and you.

As room selection day draws closer, you contact the Office of Residence Life to make sure you understand the room selection process.

Okay, so HOW does it work?

Thankfully, the staff is extremely helpful and they help you understand the process completely.

It’s that easy?!

It’s finally room selection day! You can’t wait to go secure your future housing.

You arrive at the Phoenix Rooms at your desired time and your nerves begin to show.

Here we go, HERE WE GO

You start to look at the housing boards to see what rooms are available. While there are plenty of open rooms, there aren’t a lot of vacancies in the style of housing you want.

Your number is called — it’s time to select your housing!

Number 196 — oh that’s me, that’s me!

You were silly to worry, you were able to get into the exact housing that you wanted!

Looks like the 2016–2017 school year will already be off to a great start!

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