How a global focus on education transforms lives: Sina and Srey Mom’s Story

In 2007, the first UWS project was held in Tien Kram, Cambodia, where there was no school or opportunity for education. Under houses and trees, teachers from Portsmouth Grammar and RGS Guildford taught basic lessons.

Two little girls caught everyone’s attention. Bright, inquisitive and eager to learn.

Partnered with RGS, the school was built and over the years solar panels, wells, toilets, a teacher house and a library were added. There have been problems; the girls need to work in the rice fields, younger siblings need care, illnesses have struck. Through all adversities, Sina and Srey Mom attended every day they could.

In 2015, the girls are now in Grade 5 and have one more year with UWS. They said recently they want to continue their education and become teachers or nurses.

With a basic UWS education opportunities await. The pattern of marriage and pregnancy by the age of 14 has been broken. These girls and many others like them now can have a different future.

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