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Bill was never great at analyzing football, but this is just awful. Terrell Davis was NOT the best running back you ever saw. TD was the best RB in the NFL for ONE YEAR — 1998. That’s it. You were alive to see Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Adrian Peterson and the best RB of all time, Barry Fucking Sanders. You may not understand this, Bill, because you never played football, but a running back’s offensive line matters. TD ran behind 3 Pro Bowl linemen in 1998 (including Nalen, who is a borderline HOFer). Sanders ran behind one Pro Bowl lineman. Once. That’s it. And in 1997, when Sanders was 29 and TD was 25, Sanders ran for 400 more yards than TD, and AVERAGED 1.4 more ypc. GTFO with this useless shit. Thank you for picking against the Packers. I feel like they have a better chance now.