You don’t need to tell me Manning was great, I’m convinced already. :)

I see. That’s interesting. There’s no doubt that the Harrison/Wayne/James teams had more to offer Manning than the dumpster fire Brady was working with. But, as you offered, post-2007, Brady has had all the toys and Manning seems to have played better during that period too, statistically. I have no idea how domes play a part. I suspect it matters but probably a whole lot less than people sometimes think (this is entirely opinion based only on my own biases, so I submit it’s worthless).

Favre had shit to play with his entire (Green Bay) career and played in a very similar weather “zone.” You could look at their numbers and determine Favre played pretty similar, sometimes better (especially during the pre-2004 rule change years), sometimes worse. They’ve always seemed like the best comp to me, but that’s still hugely flawed (vast differences in coaching quality, 04 rule changes effected Favre much later in his career, changes in the attitudes of “gun-slinging” v “efficiency” effected how each played, etc).

I still end up with “we’ll never know” who is the GREATEST!!! but we can discuss it all day, which is the fun of it anyway. I mean, no one like talking about who’s the second-best NBA player of ALL TIME. Everyone knows MJ is the best, so everything is “can so-and-so ever reach MJ?” Which is just stupid, as MJ was the GOAT in ’88 just as he was in ’98. Time doesn’t change it. But I digress.

Thanks for your thoughtful engagement. I look forward to anything else you have to say, but I’m about spent. :)