36+ Things You’ll Learn on UX Camp Turkey

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Some of the topics which will be focused on at UX Camp are listed. We’re aiming to increase the UX knowledge of the community both students and professionals with this 5 weeks of Camp. In this article, we prepared a small intro, you may read it as a small homework. Also just want to remind that Early Bird tickets will be run out soon!

# Environment

Top 33 UX Conferences

UX Alive 2016

#Key Terminology


Useful dictionary of UX.

UX Myths

Essentials of UX which are misunderstood completely.

UX Alphabet App


Userspots UX Dictionary


“When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods” — NN Group Article



Easy to prepare and distribute your surveys.

Google Form

Survey Monkey

#Persona Creation

UX Booth Article


Userpots E-Commerce Benchmark Sunburst Chart

#What is IA?

IA’s are Robin Hood

A Dinosaur Family Explains Information Architecture

World IA Day

World Information Architecture Day 2016 is a one-day annual celebration of this phenomenon. Hosted in dozens of locations across the world by local organizers on February 20th, focusing on telling stories of information being architected by everyone from teachers to business owners; technologists to artists; designers to product managers.


Navigation Stres Test

#Card Sorting

Optimal Workshop


#User stories

10 Tips Writing Good User Stories

#Visual Weight

Design Principles: Visual Weight and Direction


Color Test

Color Theory

Material Design Colors


Kerning Game

#Adaptive - Responsive

Difference between Adaptive and Responsive


Mobile Design Patterns

#Low Fidelity Prototype


Creating interactive prototypes is simple with Pixate. You may get extra information with watching tutorials.


6 principles of visual hierarchy for designers

Article looks deeply into the hierarchy of your visual design and how it suppose to be.

#A/B Test


Optimizely is an optimization tool provides their customers A/B Testing and Personalization services, with no IT effort.

Hazjier Pourhalkhali from Optimizely — UX Alive Session

#Marketing Automation


#What is optimization?

How to Prioritize Your Optimization

Article from Bryan Eisenberg explaining the ways optimise your marketing strategies.


Optimizely Personalization

#User Feedback


Usabilla is the perfect tool for getting insights from your users for each screen and each flow also letting users to take screen shots and express their opinions comfortably.

#Data Analyzing


Hotjar is the tool that let you know more about your users’ behaviours on interfaces. It also includes many interesting features such as heat maps, form analysis, recordings of real visitor.



Online portfolio platform where people display their work and actually hire a designer or find a job.



10 Inspiring UX Portfolios

Article from UX Mastery that can help you to prepare an impressive portfolio.


UXPin E-Book Section

#Motion & Animation

Adrian Zumbrunnen’s Designing Animation Talk


You can get UI Animation Fundamentals lectures from Issara Willenskomer.

#Visual Design Principles

Visual Design Principles

#Career Path

Career in UX

Find out what you’re missing at your UX Career by following UX Mastery team.

Matthew Magain’s UX Career Talk



Hanmail Paper Prototype

Muzaffer Akay’s Prototype Your Way Out Talk

s#Web Design Techniques

Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design

Jakob Nielsen’s article on design mistakes which everybody needs to consider.



#Creative thinking techniques


Übersuggest finds Keywords for you without making you even think about it.

#Presentation Techniques

13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations

Mule Studio’s founder Mike Monteiro explaining why designers generally fail at presenting their work and how it is maybe more important than even the design.

#Flat Design

Flat Inspire

You can find many beautiful examples of flat design here and get inspiration for your next project.

Flat vs Realism

This website defines really well the difference between Flat Design and Skeuomorphism and tell their battle story.


Steve Baty’s Scales of Interaction Design Talk

#White Space

White Spaces Improving Usability Web Designs

Isabella Morris’s article looks into facts which really improves usability of a website.

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