3rd Day Workshops of UX Alive

We were guests to Greg Nudelman’s workshop at morning, Vitaly Friedman’s workshop at afternoon. Later on, we were at the first example of Workshop at Night. Our last day and UX Alive 2016 finished with a party.

Greg Nudelman is a UX Designer, Trainer + Strategist, Search & Dashboard Maven, Champion of Mobile-First Lean UX, International Speaker, Author and CEO of DesignCaffeine, Inc. For over 17 years he had helped his clients Intuit, Oracle, Cisco, eBay, USAA, Wells Fargo, Safeway, Associated Press and Groupon amass millions of satisfied customers. Greg recently helped Intuit get 6 of their apps featured in the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Internationally acclaimed design workshop leader, Google Mentor and accredited graduate course instructor, Greg authored 4 UX books: “Extreme Innovation: Lead and Win with Lean UX (upcoming 2nd edition)”, “Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers”, “Smashing Mobile Book” (co-authored), “Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success”. Greg’s 5th book, “Modern Data Visualisations: Trends and Opportunities for Mobile, Wearables and Desktop” was planned for release in 2016.

His premium workshop topic was “Extreme Innovation: Lean UX Design for Mobile & Wearables”. There were 40 attendees at workshop.

We just began with questions about why we came to this workshop. And than, Greg lists workshop goals. The process for lean ux design: Envision, prototype, test and succeed! (Repeat)

Greg told about storyboarding. He gave examples of drawing. You needed a reasonable story. The product was the product. The parts of storyboarding were things, people, faces, opening slide, transitions. He gave some examples for wearable use case ideas and products.

Later, 6 groups drew their storyboards to post-its. 2 groups presented their storyboards.

We talked about user testing. All groups drew our apple watch screens for our products, presented them.

Million dollar question: “How much will you pay for this app?”

Later, Greg made a presentation about apple watch screens, tips and trick points.

Lunch break…

After lunch, we were Vitaly’s premium presentation.

Vitaly is writer, speaker, author and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine. His premium workshop topic was “Smart Responsive Design Patterns”.

There were around 35–40 people at the workshop. All attendees created 3 or 4 people groups and decided a name for their groups. With live examples he asked some questions and took answers from groups. Pointed to the best answers. He exactly analysed responsive design examples, menus, coupon, email verification sessions. Tables, responsive logos, ratings, forms, wordings…

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