First Day of UX Alive 2016: Strategy Sessions

Parallel sessions start with Strategy -Main- Room with Co-founder & CEO of Human’s Paul Veugen: Building A Trojan Horse To Inspire People

“Location based services+Motion Data=Feedback Loop”

In this talk Paul Veugen, founder and CEO of Human, take us on a rollercoaster ride and shares the exciting story of 3 years of Human growth in the competitive and rapidly evolving market of digital fitness. Paul shares what he and his small team learned about people, growth and product from billions of activities and more than 50 product releases.

And now, it’s Ronel Mor’s turn. Ronel is currently head of the interactive design program at the visual communication dept Bezalel Academy. And his topic is A Simplified Perspective on UX .

The session is a response to the expanding diversity of the UX practice . It proposes a formula or model for describing the elements that account for positive or negative experiences. It emphasises the emotional factors in users’ responses and suggests a more intuitive and sometimes more practical approach for evaluating UX.By applying this proposed formula to established services and products, (Ebay, the iPhone, Facebook, smart watches, Google glass…) this talk will attempt to highlight the UX related factors accounting for the success or struggle of these services.

“Expectation x Friction < Value” Nice formula from Ronel Mor’s presentation.

Steve Baty. He is Founder and Principal of Meld Studios, an award-winning Australian design studio. He has over 18 years of commercial experience working with major Australian and international brands on strategy and design. And his topic of presentation was Scales of Interaction Design.

Steve Baty looked at examples of this change in perspective as we design at different scales of interaction, and the accompanying change in method and skill set needed to successfully navigate between them. Finally, he also looked at how our definitions of ‘high-level’ and ‘detail’ shift in line with the scale of our work.

“The details are not the details. They are the product.” (Steve Baty)

After lunch, the first session is Zoltan Kollin, Head of UX at Ustream. He is one of the writers of UX Myths which is a blog aimed to provide evidence in UX design that can help stakeholders move away from design decisions. His presentation is subjected as The Evolution of UX Challenges.

And the following speaker is Burak Nehbit. Burak is a working as a UX designer in YouTube, a Google company. And his presentation is The Designer *and* the Engineer. First, he summarised computer developing periods up today and he named todays “The tech-as-experience”. Secondly, he gave some advices for code learning. And later, he explained the process from idea to coding.

And the next one is James O’Brien who is freelance UX Consultant. And his presentation topic is Using Cynefin to estimate design effort.

Asma Karoobi is Chief Product Manager at, from Iran. Her presentation subject was “Iran UX Context and User Behaviour”. She gave some credentials about Iran, population, internet usage.

After coffee break, we are in the Strategy Session Room again.

Selena Hadzibabic is the Director of Product at OrderGroove, a subscription commerce tech startup, where she’s responsible for product strategy and delivery. Her presentation topic is “Lean on Lean: Getting started with lean product development.” Selena started her presentation with explaining Lean UX. Team as customers, teamwork experience as product. Set KPIs, vet assumptions, articulate the problem were some headlines from Selena’s presentation.

Next, Matt Gibson is a designer and Chief Creative Officer at Cyber-Duck and “Redesigning How We Work” is his presentation headline. According to Matt Gibson; Emphaty, Trust and Communication are three ingredients of good relationships with your clients.

Next speaker, Cemal Büyükgökçesu working as UX & Analytics Consultant at Google. Here are some headlines from his presentation: Differences in user context / behaviour on different screens (with some example Google Analytics insights), and implications of the user context on content / UX strategy by showing some EMEA mobile web / mobile app UX best practices.

And afterwards the stage was Re’s who is Design Practice Lead for Citi Innovation Lab. His topic was “Designing for Macroservices”. 3 pay offs: Go deep, reveal the system, be powerful.

The next speaker was Cem Roso who is currently leading user experience and product strategy at Beymen — the primary destination for luxury retail in Turkey. His topic was “UX in the Corporate Jungle.” He described how you can easily handle problems in corporate life. Insight, action, outcome: Identify major problem areas, understand the cause, create a solution, test it, publicise your wins. “ROI is the king.” he said.

And today’s last Strategy Session presenter is Hazjier Pourkhalkhali, Optimizely’s Senior Strategy Consultant for EMEA. Hazjier shared Optimizely’s learnings from the world’s best testing teams with the topic “What defines the world’s greatest testers?”

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