Regular Workshops

Aras Bilgen — Effective User Research Methods for Everyone

In this workshop we will go over a broad range of design research methods as an introduction to the field of design research. We will then focus on several selected methods that anyone can use, regardless of background and job description. You will learn how to conduct each method correctly and efficiently, and how to maximize the impact it has on your projects. Designers, analysts, PMs that are new to design and product management will get the most out of this workshop; experienced practitioners will have a chance to improve their existing discovery approaches.

UX The Game

With this workshop we invite you to take part in a game. While teaching you about most critical moments in a product lifecycle, we will do our best to show you what a great user experience feels like. You will learn the techniques of design while solving puzzles, collecting points and (hopefully) having tons of fun!

Can Kılıçbay — How to run design sprints?

How to induce creativity in everyday life is his passion. He focuses on building successful businesses and teams. He believes that in the era we live now moves faster than ever. That why it is important to treat design as a team sport. Here is his toolkit; Google Venture Design Sprint, which helps startups to strive results faster idea to validation. Jobs-To-Be-Done framework, used by Steve Jobs to understand customer needs. Also, Brian Eno’s Creativity cards, to think outside of the box.

Premium Workshops

Vitaly Friedman — Smart Responsive Design Patterns & Front-End Techniques & eCommerce Checkout Design Patterns

On this full-day workshop, Vitaly Friedman (editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine), will present practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on any responsive design project. Most techniques are borrowed from mid-size and large-scale real-life projects, such as large eCommerce projects, online magazines and Web applications. The workshop ıs divided in two parts: Smart eCommerce Checkout Design Patterns and Smart Responsive Design Patterns & Front-End Techniques.

Greg Nudelman — Extreme Innovation: Lean UX Design for Mobile & Wearables

During the workshop the participants will have the opportunity to:Inject the focus on customer outcomes into the core of your product team or client relationship. Envision your app participating in the Apple/Android ecosystem (mobile, wearable, responsive web). Design a clean mobile and wearable interface consistent with the Apple/Android guidelines, that also reflects your app’s unique personality. Use the new wearable hardware & interaction patterns (Force Touch, Glances, etc.) and Google Material Design mobile design patterns. Test your mobile and wearable prototype with customers for less then a cup of coffee. Implement Lean user feedback into an agile sprint and watch innovation blossom! Phase-match the UX design efforts with code development so they can inter-dependently create together.

Sarah Horton & David Sloan — Accessible User Experience Design Studio

User experience designers know that making people successful is the best way to achieve product success. However, people with disabilities are not typically considered in the design process. The focus points of the workshop will be: İntegrating accessibility into user experience research and design.
Design thinking methodologies as applied to accessibility and its benefits.
Accessible user experience principles and guidelines for creating good experiences for people with disabilities. How to integrate responsibility for accessibility into product teams.How to integrate practices to support accessibility into the product development lifecycle.

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