UX Alive 2017 2nd Day — Workshops & After Party

Hello everyone,

We had a busy day going from workshops to workshops. We got a chance to learn new things in our field, examine the problems and come up with tangible solutions.

We had many workshops scheduled for the second day of UX Alive’17. Morning workshops were between 9:30–13:30 and afternoon workshops were between 14:30–18:30. Also we had a workshop at night and came up with great ideas in the process .Below you can find a list of great workshops for you. Click on each one that interests you to learn more about the details of it.

During the morning I was a part of the workshop Murat Can Şahinoğlu — 1-Day 180-Mins UX Workshop. We have chosen a website to be our case of study. Our team has prepared print outs for the website earlier and conducted a usability test for the participants to understand the website experience for a customer.

The website we chose was a fast fashion website and our user tried to buy an item and searched for items along the way. After we watched the video of the usability test we seperated participants into groups and handed them the print outs of the website screens such as homepage, category page, product page and cart page. We have asked them to figure out the main problems with the user experience and come up with solutions as well. After some time each team has created a big list of problems and had some solutions in their pocket. Each team presented their findings and ideas and we discussed them and had a Q&A session as well.

Overall everyone had a basic understanding of what were pain points in the website and what was the possible solutions for the problems. People have interacted with the website, brainstormed as a group and swallowed a good amount of coffee in between.

After a great lunch we rushed back into the rooms and I attended Hazjier Pourkhalkhali’s session, Problem-Centric Hypothesis Workshop. Hazjier outlined a system they use at Optimizely and laid the basis of problem identification and solution creation. We chose a booking website together and were separated into groups.

Our mission was to choose one page and identify the problems that could be encountered by users. My group chose a persona approach and decided to understand what a certain type of persona would find disappointing, uncomfortable or missing in the page.

After piling up several problems in the page we were asked to choose one of them and think of solutions over it. This part required us to think of a hypothesis as well. We would hypothesise that a certain solution to this problem could cut down bounce rates or increase conversion rates in the website. Since our page was the search result page our primary goal and metric was click on product carts.

After piling up solution, Hazjier asked us to focus on one of them and create different variations of the page to have a more concrete solution to the problem. All groups came up with good, tangible ideas to improve the user experience in the website. We went through an optimisation process which was similar to real life and learned a new skill and gained a new perspective.

After the workshop ended UX Alive 2017 after party was the destination to go. Of course we had one last workshop for people who were eager to get the most out of the event as well. Worshop at night was a great session and it revolved around the idea of uniting the physical and digital worlds. The participants took a field trip into Bomontiada and interviewed people to get insights about their experience in this physical place where people go to have a good time, see some concerts and dance. Afterwards the group focused on bringing these people who hang out at Bomontiada together. It was a great way to interact with people and think of a product that could unite the two worlds in a “phygital” world.

At the end of workshops everyone was at Bomontiada having great conversation, great food and fun. We were happy to learn and share our learnings. We met new people, came up with interesting ideas and enjoyed a nice cold beer over it with our new community.

Thank you for joining our journey at UX Alive’17! We had a great time. If you weren’t here this year we strongly recommend that you don’t miss out on the next one. If you were at UX Alive’17 we would like to hear how it went for you and have you over next time as well. Please leave a comment below and share how was the experience on your side. See you next time!