UXAlive Berlin is just around the corner!

UXAlive is a User Experience and a Usability conference. It has experienced great success in the last 4 years, hosting more than 1350 attendees from 23 different countries in both Istanbul and Berlin. Our amazing speakers and workshop coordinators from some of the world’s leading companies have helped create a greater awareness of User Experience in Europe and in Turkey.

This year the UXAlive Conference will be opening its doors for the second time in Berlin on October 4–5. This two-day event will kick off with a day of inspirational and informative speeches on topics such as new technologies, user experience trends, conversational ux, voice of ui, mobile, e-commerce and applications. On the second day, this new knowledge will be put into practice through all-day workshops.

We have a great lineup of speakers!

David Vogel is AKQA’s Executive Director, Experience Design (Europe).

Talk: The Future of Experience Design
His talk we will discover how new technologies such as blockchain, IoT and AI, combined with new business strategy tools like the Value Proposition Canvas and Purpose Driven Innovation turn UX/CX into an increasingly strategic discipline.

Noelle Ghanem is Senior UX Designer at Ada Health

Talk: Designing for the age of Immediacy:

She will be covering Chatbots, Voice User Interface, How it’s affecting different industries.

linakononenko is Product Designer at DeviantArt / Wix

Talk: The Challenge of Global User Research
She will talk about how to create a representative sample for your research, how to prepare distributed team prior to the international research and how to process all the received insights and turn them into life.

Dr. Carmen Martínez is VUI Designer and Researhcer at Computer Futures

Talk: Conversational UX for Voice User Interfaces
In this presentation, we will explore ways of conceptualizing voice-based products departing from several study cases. Given that VUI constitutes an intelligent form of mediation of human-computer interaction rooted in natural conversation, we try to identify what can be done to improve user experience and consider linguistic approaches to how we might ameliorate challenges that are currently faced in voice-based product design and research.

Luky Primadani is UX Designer at Flixbus

Talk: A Journey To Foster User Centric Culture In Product Development

More details are very soon!

alessio zazzarini is Head of UX at trivago & Jeremy Roux is head of Experience Design at triage

Talk: Data-driven, Design to Delight

Alessio and Jeremy will share their philosophy on creating a strong partnership between Design and Research in product development. They will illustrate the story of how collaboration between data and creativity brought one of their projects from satisfying basic user needs to the creation of a truly delightful experience. Their curiosity and user-driven mindset lead them to initiate, develop, and fully drive a new product feature from the ground-up.

Michael Steingress is Business Developer at More than Metrics

Talk: Building Service Design Into Your Team’s DNA
He will talk about how they’ve used service design thinking to prototype everything from product features to the business model, to how they priced products. What worked, what didn’t, and how they integrated different concepts and methodologies into one big customer-centred organization.

Reto Laemmler is Co-Founder and CEO at TestingTime

Talk: How to Measure UX and Business Goals Using a North Star KPI
Reto will talk about the challenges TestingTime faced and how their North Star KPI helped to realign the team on the same goal and improve the User Experience of the service.

Vadim Grin is Senior Product Designer at Groupon

Talk: 8 Things You Need to Know to Become a Successful Digital Product Designer 
It will help young Product Designers to master the profession from A to Z. It will be useful for experienced designers as well, because we will take a look on the whole product development lifecycle and will remind ourselves about the necessity to study not only visual communications, but Psychology, Writing, Business Analysis etc.

Steffi Husslein is Interaction Design Professor

Talk: Mobile Augmented Interaction Designing Interaction in the Creative Design Process: 
Augmented and eyebased interaction are developed since the 70s, but now augmented reality became mobile, performant and suitable for daily use. From now mobile augmented indoor services are designed under new UX approach.

You have no excuse not to participate in this activity! Networking, speakers, lively workshops, coffee & food, and most importantly a great location in Berlin. You can click on the link for more information, visit our web site: uxalive.com

UXAlive Berlin 2017’s Photo Gallery