UX Alive 2016 Opening Speech and The Keynotes’ Talks

Welcome on board. This is a blog channel of UX Alive 2016. UX Alive starts with Mustafa Dalcı @UXAlive.

Opening speech, Mustafa Dalcı. Thanks to first believers. And good news: Userspots NYC is on air.

Vitaly Friedman, Editor-in-Chief, Smashing Magazine talkes about Smart Responsive Design, @UXAlive with Userspots.

With some good examples; Vitaly Friedman shows new menu usage design patterns. And dead areas on mobile phones: Top-left, top-right, bottom-left. This make sites redesign for best scenarios for user experience.

Now… Claire Rowland, Independent UX Consultant. Her session is about UX of IOT Products.

Claire Rowland: “When we talk about design for IoT… We tend to focus on industrial and UI design.”

And thirdly Michael McKay from PayPal have a presentation: Methodologies for Design Thinking. He explained The PayPal Discovery Process.

Last sentence of Michael McKay’s presentation:
“Stop talking and start acting!”

Fourth and last keynote speaker for this year’s UX Alive, UX Designer Adrian Zumbrunnen is talking about Designing Choice.

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