Web Design Trends 2018

By Caroline Tresa Joseph

Web designs have evolved over the years from text images to aesthetically professional and attractive websites with user experience been the primary goal. The year 2017 was the Year of the Bold — bold, colours and bold designs. Websites were created with vibrant and bright colours and bold typography — trends that are still strong in 2018 and are here to stay. A few of the web design trends in 2018 are covered in this article.

  1. Dynamic Gradients (Color transitions)

The dynamic gradients are back, leaving the flat design with no choice but to leave the centre stage. The new gradients can transition into one another by creating the illusion that colours can transform dynamically. This trend which has come back with a vengeance in 2017 has been incorporated into many websites. Dynamic gradients can be implemented as backgrounds, duo tones, multi-colours, subtle lines or as image overlays.

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2) Asymmetrical and Broken Grid Layouts

Asymmetrical and broken grid designs may be a complicated technique, but if done well, will give gorgeous and stunning designs. Asymmetry can be defined as lack of symmetry. But here it is just the opposite. By balancing both the positive elements and negative space, a designer can create visually stunning websites. As a result, more and more websites are breaking the grid.

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3) Drop Shadows and Depth

Drop shadow, a web design trend, is gaining popularity as it can add depth, overlapping and 3D effects to the designs. This is achieved by using subtle shadows or gradient colours. It helps to show what objects are in the front and what are in the background.

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4) Vibrant, Saturated Colour Schemes

Last year monotone colours made way for the bright and bold colours. These eye-catching saturated colours will definitely intrigue visitors to spend more time exploring the stunning designs. Pantone, the colour authority, has declared Ultra Violet (18–3838) as the colour of the year for 2018. It is also the official colour for the International Women’s’ Day, 2018.

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5) Particle Background

Particle background is the solution to all the issues caused by video backgrounds. They are easier to load, with animations that are highly engaging ensuring user interactions. Particle background animations can vary from dots that are simple, geometrical shapes to complex images. They can be made to react to user interactions to be prominent or to stay-low in the shadows.

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6) Mobile Friendly Designs

With 70% of people with a smartphone spending over two hours a day on it, mobile browsing has surpassed the desktop. Mobile friendly designs have to be one of the top priorities for web designers. Simple easy designs and interfaces with dynamic icons, menus and sub menus with clear instructions would definitely guarantee customer satisfaction and retention.

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7) Custom Illustrations

Companies and big brands are using illustrations in their marketing, websites and brand images to highlight the brand personality. Custom illustrations are visually appealing and can be made to suit a brand’s personality.

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8) Big, Bold Typography

Typography, an essential component of the website design, is bold and big this year. Not only are they alluring this year, they also help occupy the white space on the website.

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9) Custom fonts

Customization is what makes things unique. So, brands are investing in customizing font style, color and size for unique brand identity. So think about adding custom fonts to dazzle your online visitors.

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10) Integrated Animations

One of the hottest trends of the year would definitely be the integrated animations. The main purpose of integrated animations is to keep the user engaged on the website, making browsing interactive and fun.

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11) Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling has become a common sight in many websites. It can be used, in moderation, to create new user experiences as it can give a sense of depth and a 3D effect to the website. It would also be good to have a small amount of content for parallax design.

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Final Word

These web design trends are the most popular and interesting trends in our opinion. A good knowledge and implementation of top trends will ensure that web designers are at the top of their game. With user interaction and engagement required to ensure a solid conversion, creating websites with latest trends and smooth user experience will definitely ensure you more satisfied customers and increase the ROI for your business. Want to know more? Contact Us.