Millennials: How to Build a User Experience for Gen Y

It’s a funny (and not funny) story because the other day, I got my credit card paper statement in the mail of all my charges from the previous month:

1. Not funny because that hefty number at the bottom of the statement was painful to swallow

2. Funny because, well, who looks at these paper statements anymore? I mean, they still send those things?

Today, even carrying cash or paper checks is completely obsolete. Take a look at your local department store or coffee shop and you’ll find consumers using pay-by-phone apps or swapping their debit cards for a good ol’ cup of joe.

It is undeniable that the financial technology industry is targeted to the millennial generation.

The mobile wallet and online services, even trading, personal finance management, and crowdfunding platforms, have proven to be huge assets to millennials.

The Chosen People?

Michele Serro, Founder and CEO of Doosteps, put it this way:

“Millenials will define our economy for many decades to come…”

That’s a pretty noteworthy statement, if you ask me. But, it’s to no surprise, because according Serro, they are the “least financially literate” (sorry to break it to you, kids).

How Can UX Designers Create an Effective User Experience for Millennials

When designing an effective user experience for millennials, remember that they, as your consumers, use technology differently than any other generation and expect the following:

  1. A Smooth and Flexible User Experience
  2. Cross-Device Compatibility
  3. Seamless Connection to Social Sites

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