How does it feel to launch a website and get feedback?

UXgem was created somewhere in the beginning of December 2015 but the idea floated in our minds for almost a year. Sometimes it takes time to make a step and just commit to do something. I took 2 or 3 approaches to starting UXgem, one time I had something more urgent to do, the other time I couldn’t find the right tools to prepare everything. You know how it is, I think we’ve all been there…

Now it’s almost a month after the launch and what we learned? That it feels great to see your project lifts off. Not very long ago it was just a thought and now other people can see it and you can watch charts in Analytics. It’s also great to see your announcement get 100 likes or so and see that real people are subscribing to our mailing list.

I’ve read many books and blog posts about start-ups and I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts but nothing can prepare you for feedback from first users. Nothing can prepare you for a situation when you hear “Good job — keep it up!” or “[…] that’s mega idea, it’s great that something like this is happening”. I have never felt like that before. THANK YOU!

However, (there’s always ‘however’) we also got very clear suggestions on things we have to work on. Small team has the advantage of fast decisions and fast execution, so we already started working on some of the feedback suggestions. I know that honeymoon will finish faster then anyone can notice. So I’d better end this post and get back to work.

In the meantime please visit UXgem ( and send us you opinions.

PS. Happy New Year! I hope the upcoming 366 days of 2016 will be full of exciting #UX!

Pawel Mucha, UXgem Co-founder & CEO

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