What UXgem is all about?

Hello all UI/UX Designers!

UXgem team wishes you all the best in 2016.

Here is a present for you, something that might be useful in upcoming design projects — UXgem database.

UXgem is a platform that allows you to create a collection of your own “gems” or look for an inspiration by browsing its content.

For example: if you are looking for an inspiring registration form or want to know how e-commerce websites present their products, just type in keywords in search window and see what we have.

Or maybe you’d found a fantastic navigation pattern and you like it — just save it. Simply add it to your collection. Check out how simple it is.

But notice that in our collection we are focused on already implemented products not just a fake concepts. We want to collect something that’s already exists and does it’s job.

This is because a lot of real world clients ask to show them an inspiration (or benchmark) from the already implemented solutions that are most common for target users.

So this is what we do.

We want to put all the coolest features from already implemented solutions together in one place and help you to be up to date with them.

Every time you see a cool UX feature just add it to your collection and think — “more valuable gems, more inspiration for me”.

In the near future we are planning to prepare reports with summary of best UX solutions collected in the database.

UXgem team

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