Floccinaucinihilipilificating heedlessness by the state has led to the tumultuous killings in Delta state, more fatality in southern Kaduna, bereavement in Enugu, Anambra and contumacious restiveness in other part of the country, all a causalgia of the Fulani Herdsmen

It's time once again to quote the Buddhist, Shunryū Suzuki's 1970 book: Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind: He said,

"The best way to control cow and sheep is to give them a big grazing field" but certainly not for free.

Extensive research carried out by commonwealth in 2005 during the Victoria Alpine dispute in Australia has shown that grazing is detrimental to the environment.

There is a parallel pattern as to how advanced, ethicized countries have solved grazing dispute in the time past.

As early as 1934 the Taylor Grazing Act was passed by United States Congress , an office under the Department of the Interior was also created to manage the act. It was first called the Division of Grazing, but later was renamed the U.S. Grazing Service in 1939. 
Its responsibilities were to enforce the act, which *leased* public lands to farmers and ranchers for grazing.

Similarly, open range conditions had existed in Western Canada prior to amendments, the Dominion Lands Act in 1889 prohibited cattle from grazing on unleased land.

Nevertheless Agrarian age was gone, soon we moved into the industrial age and now the technological/information age and the whole world has been reshaped by these winds of change.
But did Nigeria ever move? 
Where did we miss it?

The definition of farming has changed, a big chunk of technology, innovations in science and technology in this century has reshaped farming processes from just called commercial farming but to mechanised farming. 
Grazing is now obsolete as there are other better alternative that have been introduced. We now have modern dairy farms on *leased* lands.

This is the modern solution for grazing.

Improved dairy farming technique in India has contributed to the country total milk production.

It is the Cattle Business. 
Nobody gets a piece of meat in the market for free.

Even if this should be addressed from a business perspective, rearing cattle is pure business, they’re sold afterwards, aren’t they? 
So what is stopping this Businessmen from legally acquiring lands? Building farms? Buying hay and silages to feed their animals.
Peharps my caption should help.

China - cattle production has become more commercialised and beef production has increased to 6.7 million tonnes.

China now is a global competitor in the beef industry

Macrosmatic few will understand that a grazing bill will breed a firenado amongst rural residents and herdsmen.

We cannot live in peace if we are allowed to murder, theft, lynch and infringe on others fundamental human rights

A grazing bill will borne a hobbe's state of nature.

THE controversial bill for an Act to provide for establishment of grazing areas management agency and other related matters we all know is a tokoloshe which the National Assembly and Presidency has left to be a fata morgana for these Herdsmen.

The bill was sponsored by Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, APC, Kano Central, titled, 2016, failed to scale second reading as it was rejected and has gone through spaghettification in the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, a bill for a law to regulate and control cattle grazing in Akwa Ibom scaled through the second reading at the plenary of the House of Assembly in Uyo on Tuesday.
The bill, sponsored by Nse Ntuen, representing Essien Udim state constituency, and 11 others, sought to prohibit *uncontrolled* *grazing* of cattle across the state.

The dispute has always been between land owners and these Herdsmen

The ultimate solution is for these businessmen to legally acquire lands to build their farms/ranch and buy grasses, hay & silages to feed their animals.

A cow peacefully grazing fifty yards away received one of the bullets in her back She has nothing to do with the quarrel anyway - these were the words of Jules Verne 131 years ago.

My Father Lion would say;

"an ounce of intuition is always worth more than a billion of tuition."

If the government first duty is to protect the people then legislative interference is needed to stop this brutality!