What is Ubanker — Reviews and Legitimacy

Is Ubanker South Africa legit? That is the first question most traders would ask when you talk about Ubanker. This is an important question because every experienced trader knows the relevance of a good brokerage firm to successful investment in forex trading.

ubanker south africa

To answer the question of Ubanker legitimacy, the facts below will give you some confidence in dealing with Ubanker.

• It is a young company with worldwide performance reputation

• Ubanker maintain unambiguous regulation and protection policy to ensure healthy trading activities

• Ubanker complies with the highest data protection standard and earned the eTrust seal of protection

• Accepts a minimum deposit of $200 only

• Earning withdrawal takes from 4 to 5 working days

Investment and platform

Ubanker provides Meta Trader4 and Mobile forex trading platform, offering user’s ownership of assets and options including more than 35 forex currency pairs, CFDs, goods, indicators, and stocks to trade.

Starting with Ubnaker

Ubanker is adjudged one of the best trading platforms in the world for its education support for traders. The forex academy offers practical forex learning system where the trader is ahead of trading strategy using text and video tutorials to bring them far ahead of industry trading practice. This is why no Ubanker complaints exist as traders are always aware of what to do when the need arises. You might want to read this one-stop destination investment solutions to know why investing with Ubanker is best for you.

Ubanker trading platform

Ubanker news and trading tools provided set Ubanker traders ahead in market information to have accurate insight into the market direction and make the right decision when it matters most.

Financial transaction

Ubanker app for managing deposit and withdrawal use different payment system to make deposit and withdrawal in a secure and safe environment using a credit card, checking account and transfer. It also adopts the formal writing style for more secure withdrawal transaction to protect trader’s funds.

Ubanker availability

Ubanker is available in many countries including the UK. Ubanker South Africa provides the access to the African continent. Ubanker is presently not in the US and Canada due to needing to formalize the process of availability in those countries.

Customer service

The trouble with most brokers is poor customer support and this is where Ubanker stands apart from others. It offers excellent customer support service that provides customers a 24/6 service via email and telephone calls. Ubanker also provides chat facility to handle customer complaints, inquiry, and comments. There is also a Facebook page for all those social media geeks.


You can open a Ubanker demo account to begin a successful adventure into forex trading using Ubanker cutting edge forex education system. The platform is available at regular times for various markets and you do not stand any disadvantage trading on the platform. If you are looking for a dependable forex trading platform to invest your money with confidence, I recommend Ubanker, go here to start trading today!

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