By: Uber ATG Safety Team

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One of Uber ATG’s self-driving vehicles conducts scenario testing at Pittsburgh test track facility.

As Uber ATG’s self-driving technology continues to mature, so too does our approach to self-driving safety. We’re taking another step forward in our commitment to an open public safety dialogue with the release of our 2020 Safety Report. This second installment of our report builds on our principled approach to safety, and provides an evolved view of our status while introducing a number of important enhancements.

Our Safety Report is intended to speak to a number of audiences, including: future users of self-driving vehicle (SDV) technology; those interested in how Uber ATG is working to promote safety throughout the development process; policymakers, including legislators, regulators, and local officials seeking to understand our organization or the current state of the technology; and other developers who may be interested in identifying opportunities to collaborate. …



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