By: Uber ATG Safety Team

One of Uber ATG’s self-driving vehicles conducts scenario testing at Pittsburgh test track facility.

As Uber ATG’s self-driving technology continues to mature, so too does our approach to self-driving safety. We’re taking another step forward in our commitment to an open public safety dialogue with the release of our 2020 Safety Report. This second installment of our report builds on our principled approach to safety, and provides an evolved view of our status while introducing a number of important enhancements.

Our Safety Report is intended to speak to a number of audiences, including: future users of self-driving vehicle (SDV) technology; those interested in how Uber ATG is working to…

By: Nat Beuse, Head of Safety at Uber Advanced Technologies Group

In July 2019, the team at Uber ATG released our first, open-sourced Safety Case Framework, which clearly organizes the goals, claims, and evidence necessary to substantiate that our self-driving vehicles (SDVs) are acceptably safe to operate on public roads. The framework charted an outline for prioritizing safety during testing and development with Mission Specialists behind the wheel, but it also projected Uber ATG’s safety argument to support future use cases, including eventual driverless operations.

Committing to the public release of our Safety Case Framework is a key component of…

Data collection beginning in D.C.

By: Danielle Burr, Head of Uber Federal Affairs

We’re on a mission to deliver safe and reliable self-driving technology to Uber users around the world. Uber Advanced Technologies Group has already started this journey in Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto. Today, we’re adding another city to that list 一 our nation’s capital.

Uber first launched in Washington, D.C. in late 2011, the sixth city launched globally. Since then, we’ve been proud partners in our nation’s capital, expanding into new modes like shared POOL rides, wheelchair accessible options, JUMP e-bikes and dockless scooters, and linking…

By: Nick Wedge, Learning and Development at Uber ATG

Developing a self-driving vehicle is challenging, dynamic, and captivating, as there are changes and advances almost on a daily basis. Take a moment to consider what it’s like to be responsible for safely monitoring our developmental technology in the real world from behind the wheel. At Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), that is the primary function of the Mission Specialist. As the pilots (driver’s seat) and co-pilots (passenger’s seat) of our developmental self-driving vehicles, they are just a handful of people who will experience the development of automated vehicle (AV) technology unlike anyone else in the world.

The job requires…

A profile series that introduces our team and showcases what we’re working on.

My name is Sameer Kshirsagar and I’m the Head of Supply Chain and Business Operations here at Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG). I started my career by spending a lot of time in school, earning a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, an M.S. in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University, and an MBA from The Ohio State University. In addition, I spent over two decades at various companies specializing in automotive, consumer electronics and high tech. …

By: Chan Lieu, Sr. Safety Program Analyst

Uber ATG is pleased to announce the creation of our Self-Driving Safety and Responsibility Advisory (SARA) Board. The SARA Board is an independent panel of safety experts charged with reviewing, advising, and suggesting changes to Uber ATG’s self-driving enterprise, including inputs on organizational goals and priorities. We believe that this panel of outside experts will offer valuable independent advice as Uber ATG leads the safe development and deployment of self-driving technology on the Uber platform.

The SARA Board consists of recognized experts in a variety of relevant fields, drawing from aviation safety, insurance…

By Mark Jones and Wade Stormer, Law Enforcement Operations, Uber

At Uber ATG, we recognize that to continue the safe development of self-driving vehicles, it is essential that we be transparent with the public and other stakeholders about our approach. Through proactive information-sharing and ongoing two-way dialogue that takes external views into account, we can both educate and learn from our stakeholders and others in the self-driving community.

Working with public safety officials and first responders is an important part of how we connect with the communities in which we operate. Our engagement strategy uses a multi-channel communications approach to ensure broad and easy access to the latest relevant information…

A profile series that introduces our team and showcases what we’re working on.

My name is Timothé, I come from France, and I am a data scientist at Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), currently focusing on self-driving simulation. I joined Uber in January 2017, first on the France team in Paris, and then at ATG in San Francisco.

I joined ATG for several reasons. First, I am extremely inspired by the impact that shared, electric, autonomous vehicles will have on cities, making them safer and better places to live, with less congestion, less pollution, fewer idle parked individual cars, and…

Data collection beginning in downtown Dallas

By: Austin Geidt, Head of Uber ATG Strategy

We’re on a mission to deliver safe self-driving technology to Uber riders around the world. Uber Advanced Technologies Group has already started this journey in Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto. Today, we’re adding another city to that list 一 Dallas, TX.

The City of Dallas has been an exceptional partner to Uber as we continue to expand mobility options for our riders and economic opportunities for restaurants. Dallas users on our platform have many of Uber’s US-based offerings at their fingertips: shared rides, Uber Eats, JUMP…

A profile series that introduces our team and showcases what we’re working on.

My name is Tara Stentz, and I am a Software Engineer on the Prediction Team! I graduated in 2018 from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a minor in Computer Science. For the summer of 2017, I was looking for an internship that had the feel of a smaller company, even if it was housed within a bigger organization. I was also hoping to get experience in software development, robotics, and machine learning. Uber ATG was the perfect fit! …


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