Uber App — How to Download the app

Once you download the Uber app, you can use it wherever and whenever. Rides are literally all the time. It’s not hard to get a ride at all, especially in big cities. For those who don’t know much about Uber, I will let you know anything you need to know.
Uber App
Some have asked does Uber take cash? No. Is there a Uber call center? Only for drivers. Speaking of drivers, once you have the Uber app you can also become a driver.
Uberapp allows people to sign up as drivers. The good news is they have bonuses for new drivers signing up! You can go straight to the Uber company or you can use my link provided below. Or copy my code and go to Ubers main site from there. Up to you. I made the link easily accessible here. Code: 8s4q9
Uber is a multi-billion-dollar company based out of San Francisco. They started as Uber taxi and only had a few drivers. As a result, interests from investments rolled in and they began to grow.
People loved the service and it eventually became widespread throughout America and overseas. They are the biggest shared economy service in 2016 next to Airbnb.
Uber App
So, once you become an Uber driver you will have an area to log into everyday to see the details of rides and the amount of money you’ve made thought the lifespan of your driving career.
The Uber driver app is simple to use. More so than the actual Uber app. Hence, once you have the Uber driver app downloaded be sure to try out all the function to make sure you are not missing anything.
Finally, I hope you do well on the road. There is lots of people needing rides now and days, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunities while they are here. And don’t forget to use the code!
Uber Referral Code: 8s4q9