Donald Trump Is Failing So, So Bad At Being A Dictator. Sad!

By Joe Shlabotnik from Forest Hills, Queens, USA (The Donald Trump) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Geezus! How obvious the Trump administration is trying to play the fascist card. One might think Donald Trump already Googled steps on being a dictator from Psychology Today. So I did just that. I went to Psychology Today and saw how Donald Trump is failing miserably at being a dictator.

Mark van Vugt Ph.D writing for Psychology Today says “nepotism and corruption” is the numero uno modus operandi of being a dictator. Take a look at Trump’s new administration, where did he find such people? Most of them are either pathetically inexperienced or dangerously unqualified in the offices they have been chosen to head (just like their boss).

How is a neurosurgeon qualified to lead the U.S. Housing and Urban Development? Perhaps Dr. Ben Carson can do medical procedures on all those unhealthy bodies who are eventually going without medical insurance when Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act. What the hell is Betsy Devos qualified for besides admitting that she wants to focus on replacing public schools with church schools to be the center of learning to advance “God’s kingdom”? The Detroit Free Press has an illuminating piece showing how the billionaire angel has donated money to Michigan charter schools, even when those charter schools are some of the worst performers in the nation.

Betsy Devos, just like the others, most likely kissed president Trump’s orange ass to get their jobs. Don’t get me started on Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, who doesn’t even believe greenhouse gases contribute to climate change because his emails show his collaboration with natural gas company Devon.

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp but he has added swamp monsters. The mainstream news agencies are calling him on it. Now a good amount of his supporters see how they were duped and complain about it in trumpgrets. That’s why Trump is failing and remains just an authoritarian wannabe.

Mark van Vugt Ph.D continues to write about how “buttering up” the military is in line with authoritarianism. Donald Trump wants to expand the military, which he repeated many times during his campaign of making America great again, thus revealing how dictators sow the seeds of distrust by giving the public a perception of chaos (that he alone can fix it). Van Vugt writes, “Any aspiring dictator who restores order, even through coercion, is likely to earn the gratitude of his people”, which is why Trump supporters are acting like gushing schoolgirls who cheer him on no matter what he does — even if he were to shoot somebody on fifth avenue. A dictator’s fans become his/her worst enablers. They provide many excuses for Trump’s behavior. They try to twist the truth with “alternative facts” then say they aren’t lying like what Kellyanne Conway is best at.

The last aspect that Mark van Vugt Ph.D focuses on is what the Trump administration is really trying hard to do, and that is win popularity by providing public goods and benefits but not for the public good, but to keep themselves in power. That’s what populism has been best at. The worst far right dictators know how to win over the people by courting them with benefits. Adolf Hitler created jobs by having his naive German citizens build military equipment, then kicked the Jews out of Germany and murdering the rest. Donald Trump wants to invest in infrastructure and keep out whom he considers undesirable, largely Muslims, from several countries, and Mexicans, by building an insanely expensive wall. Dictators keep their power incestuous like Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un and Jean-Marie Le Pen and Marine Le Pen.

Dictators try to stifle political dissent and opposition like silencing their critics like Marine Le Pen did to Madonna when the singer’s stage backdrop video placed a swastika on fascistic Le Pen’s homely face during her 2012 MDNA tour. Of course, Le Pen successfully censored Madonna with threats of lawsuits for defamation. People like Le Pen are the reason why 100% of Europeans, especially France’s neighbors dislike France, and why every French person I met were trying to move away from France. Yes, I promise you that I’m not lying, without exception, nobody liked France over there.

Similarly, most people around the world dislike America. People like Trump and the alt-right gives people the impression of a xenophobic, intolerant, transphobic, homophobic, sexist, racist society, and that dislike works in favor for people like Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen’s because it backs up their us-versus-them populism. It’s working for Scottish independence inspirer Nigel Farage. It is working for the Geert Wilders.

By Guido van Nispen from amsterdam, the netherlands (L1003020-Edit) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump wants to make America great again by focusing on nationalism and domestic policy while threatening to distance the U.S. from our allies like threatening to leave NATO. Marine Le Pen wants to exit the European Union because the EU gets in the way in France’s sovereignty. Separatism creates a sense of solidarity and the biggest fascist of all time was elected by the democratic process. Basically, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Fasciste and Geert Wilders van Uitschot want to to rule without opposition from their more sensible allies, probably because their allies wholeheartedly believe in international law. Dictators stifle dissent by trying to control the means of information with lawsuits against defamation and rumormongering of fake news.

The Trump administration knows it can’t shut down the presses, because of unconstitutionality, but they certainly can try to create public distrust in the presses by constantly repeating criticisms about them as “fake news” or be as explicit as tweeting that the press is the “enemy of the people”.

Trump fanboys and fangirls might fall for it, but the majority of the American population won’t, those who voted for Hillary Clinton certainly will protest the Trump administration’s amateurish corruption. Even so, no matter how much the American public will confront Trump about his lying with protests, people are still going to enable his administration’s bad behavior (and if he is going to lie, he certainly needs to be more of an eloquent liar but he fails at that too).

Right now the Trump administration’s main authoritarian tactic is to continue their refrain of accusing the media of bias and promoting sensationalism as fake news. They’re going to repeat it many, many, many times hoping Americans will start to believe it. Everybody knows about the wise saying, if somebody repeats something so many times that eventually people will start believing it. Well, we won’t believe the Trump administration’s fake news. Never. Furthermore, we need to find a way to punish the Trump administration’s bad behavior. We must fire the Trump administration in 2020.