Greg Gianforte Finally Snaps After Two Back-To-Back Campaigns

You might have heard a little about Montana’s 2017 special election by now, even before rich tech millionaire Greg Gianforte was cited for misdemeanor assault after he “body slammed” Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs. We already know about how America’s authoritarian far right Republicans take issue with a free press that they consider leaning unfairly liberal, but every person who passed at least one civics exam knows that “liberal” means “free” in the dictionary. The authoritarian Republican party hates the press because they are telling the truth about the Republican party’s downfall.

Donald Trump set a dangerous precedent with his adolescent Twitter outbursts about fake this, fake that, go-fake-yourself-isms toward journalists. It was only a matter of time that one of Trump’s fanboys running for congress would take matters into his own hands and literally attack a journalist for simply asking a question about his stance on the unpopular Trumpcare 2.o. I’m shocked that Greg Gianforte said he would tell America about his stance on the recent healthcare bill that will leave multimillions uninsured and some even dead, but he punched a Guardian reporter in the face for asking about it instead.

If you listen to the shocking recording of the assault, Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs was simply doing his job and Gianforte began acting like the stereotype of the Montana redneck. How unfortunate, because Montana is the land of Native Americans and liberals, and some Jews (we have a couple of awesome Jewish centers here); we also have government-hating militiamen, unibomber-type dudes, and this is a place that was former home to alt-right provocateur Richard Spencer, the very same place that Spencer’s mom, Sherry Spencer, said that her property was targeted because of her son’s views that she does not share. Montana regularly votes blue; we voted for Brian Schweitzer and Steve Bullock for governors.

We have proud and sophisticated folks with a variety of beliefs from far left like Rob Quist’s to far right like Greg Gianforte’s, but Montana’s type of conservatism leans heavily on libertarianism. Yep. Our yahoos sometime travel to Missoula, Montana to date and party with the transgender gals living here because Missoula’s record meets a perfect 100% score on LGBTQ rights according to the Human Rights Campaign. We do have some militant gays prancing around in tight wranglers but our gays and lesbians are just as politically diverse as their straight counterparts, many even raising kids just like everywhere else. There is currently only one gay bar in the state so we have an active Grindr and Scruff too.

We have proud American Indians who wear baseball caps that say “Native pride.” We have t-shirts that read “God, Guns & Gays: Love ’Em All.” I’ve seen a “No Niggers In The Whitehouse” bumper sticker as a response to president Barack Obama’s semi-successful administration. I’ve seen people openly wearing guns in holsters at Sam’s Club and nobody cared.

So where does Greg Gianforte stand in the midst of all this Montana-style diversity and anti-diversity besides unfairly kicking somebody’s ass just for asking him an innocent question?

By Jim Winstead from Los Angeles, CA, USA — greg gianforte preaching to the crowd, CC BY 2.0,

Where does Rob Quist stand besides crooning sweet ballads on living and loving? Read on and let me tell you all about it over the campfire and a bottle of Highlander Beer or a tumbler full of Kool-aid for those in recovery.

The reason why the Republicans want Greg Gianforte so bad means he’s as far right as the current Donald Trump administration besides giving them more power in congress. Forget loving god, guns and gays, Gianforte donated to Focus on the Family, a group that wants a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriages despite the fact that kids of same-sex spouses will be harmed by such a big government intrusion. He donated to the Family Research Council, a group that wants to criminalize sex, at least for those kind who want to sleep with their own sex despite the fact that gay sex feels really, really awesome. He has donated to the Montana Family Foundation, Montana’s only anti-gay foundation outside of neo-Nazi groups.

Greg Gianforte opposes so-called sanctuary cities but as a great-grandson of Italian immigrants, he probably should be a little more sympathetic to Mexicans because immigration officials weren’t so kind to Italians back then, but they let Italians in anyway because immigration policy was different in the late 1800s. Certainly immigration law can be changed in the future but the far right doesn’t want all those poverty stricken brown-skinned Mexicans running all around, because that will mean “Adios America” like Ann Coulter says, even when some Italians are just as dark as Mexicans during the summer.

A sparking white angel just whispered into my ear that Greg Gianforte most likely doesn’t support social security because Noah was 600 years old and didn’t retire and “he wasn’t, like cashing social security checks, he wasn’t hanging out, he was working.” For real, he said that. So besides being a Biblical literalist, Gianforte opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest. Gianforte is part of the war on women and LGBTQ people and the irony is many conservatives in Montana dislike government overreach into the personal lives of people, but they want government overreach intruding on same-sex behavior and a woman’s right to choose.

We would love to know more about Gianforte’s views on healthcare but don’t want to risk it.

Rob Quist, on the other hand, supports same-sex marriage because people like the Ennis Del Mar’s and Jack Twist’s of the world like in that Brokeback Mountain novel isn’t any of his damn business.

By Forest Service Northern Region from Missoula, MT, USA — Wilderness 50th — Montana state wide film and concert tour, Public Domain,

Quist probably believes that Noah retired after the flood so that means he supports welfare benefits like social security and a single-payer healthcare system, so that means he is a cowboy socialist. Coincidentally, he cares about women’s healthcare since he believes in reproductive rights too. Consequently he supports the continued funding of Planned Parenthood.

Since Rob Quist is white, that means there’s a good chance that he is a great-grandson of an immigrant, so his ancestors would be proud that he is pro-immigration and supports sanctuary cities because singling out [Syrian] refugees is an echo of Montana’s shameful history of housing Japanese-Americans at Fort Missoula during World War II. I know that Italian-Americans were singled out and housed at Fort Missoula too, so being from Italian decent, Greg Gianforte should be compassionate toward refugees and immigrants but no.

Like good comrades everywhere, Rob Quist supports Montana’s working class and he supports a $15 minimum wage and fair taxes, because multimillionaires like Gianforte will get a very big tax break while the rest of the populace suffers from not having much needed social benefits. Most of the population will be slaving away with low wages just so the business gentry can build McLog Homes at the end of their chi chi driveways.

Most of all, Rob Quist will kindly tell you about his support of Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act and his support of Bernie Sanders medicare-for-all plan and not throw you to the ground, punch you in the face, and tell you to get the hell out, because Rob Quist is a kind soul who knows what working class people need because he’s from the working class, and he especially doesn’t act like a spoiled rich brat having a temper tantrum like Greg Gianforte just did because he’s part of the entitled good ‘ol boy network.