Why A Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Ticket Would Unite The Fractured Left

It’s Time To Take Him Seriously

I wouldn’t mind seeing Hillary Clinton for President 2016 even though my politics are more in line with Dr. Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders. There are millions out there like me. I understand how Bernie Sanders supporters may take an extreme aversion to Hillary Clinton. Indeed she has been hawkish. She voted for the biggest mistake in America (second to the founding fathers genocidal slaughter of Native Americans); as we know voting for the Iraq war was major mistake. Benghazi was a mistake. Using a private e-email for official business was a mistake.

Sanders, however, has been understating the cost of his agenda. The taxes you will be paying for will in time be seen as a major mistake if he wins the Democratic nomination. I am warning you. I lived in Norway. If you want to pay double for what you are used to paying, then be my guest. The costs do not offset the lower quality of higher education in Europe, meaning that one does not really get a choice of very many classes (or a tailor made college education) in most European countries, and the end result is three year colleges instead of four years, and overcrowded universities like in Germany. Sorry, I really wish there could be an easier “a middle path” like Buddha spoke of. Many countries in Europe have less choices when it comes to free healthcare as well. In Norway you get the choice of only two doctors a year, while in America you can choose from an entire network.

On the other hand, Clinton does seem to be apart of the status quo, but being a public servant, her progressive dynamics has been ignited by Sanders. If she wins the Democratic nomination, she needs a strong running mate who will challenge her. As we know, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has been weak. Bernie at the ranks has brought many disenfranchised and alienated voters to the fold and the left-of-center moderates are finally listening now.

Quite frankly, Bernie’s presence is dividing the Democratic party right now, but having joined the party as a Johnny-come-lately, the progressive ticket will be so powerful, those #NeverHillary bots won’t matter. We are seeing pragmatist versus stubbornness here.

What I can’t get past is Bernie Sanders voted against the Brady Bill five times even when this country needs extremely rigorous gun gun control. It’s hard for me to see Bernie going up to any of the parents of children killed by a gun toting madman and telling them they can’t sue a gun dealer who might have been complacent with the rules, because sarcastically speaking, we know all gun dealers follow the law, right? I can’t see past why Bernie burned the Detroit auto industry because of his hardline approach against bank bailouts. Tell that to the displaced families of a collapsed auto industry, or perhaps the parents should grow out their hair long, spare-change it in front of Whole Foods Market, and wear patchouli while they bicycle with their kids in tow to the unemployment office? I actually bathe in Patchouli body wash so I know what I’m talking about.

So obviously, there are some major pros and very few cons to both Democratic candidates. How about some common ground? The right wing is laughing at how Bernie Sanders supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters are so fractured that they actually believe Donald Trump has the chance of winning the presidency.

Warning: I am purposely mixing the views of both candidates. I won’t say who each candidate is because I want you to see the common ground between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

A candidate is planning an evening with liberal icon Barney Frank. A candidate had a fund raiser with The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Can we at least agree that Barney Frank and The Red Hot Chili Peppers are both cool?

A candidate believes families who have to pay more than 5% of their income to medical costs will be eligible for a tax credit up to $5000. Medicare will be allowed to drive down the costs of supercool Barack Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act by allowing the federal government to negotiate with insurance companies for cheaper medical costs, and wants to cap prescription expenses up to $250 a month. The candidates mirror the purchase of cheaper drugs from Canada. A candidate wants to increase taxes across the board but believes the savings by having no medical billing costs will offset the tax increase. Medicare will be allowed to drive down prescription costs through negotiation. Employers will save on money since they won’t have to pay as much for employment sponsored medical insurance.

A candidate believes free college should be for everybody and plans to pay for it with a Wall Street speculation fee. The candidate believes college should be a debt-free where costs are based on financial need. Meaning those who can afford to pay more will pay more and those who cannot pay more won’t, otherwise known as a sliding fee scale.

A candidate wants to phase out nuclear energy. The candidate believes the ban on fracking should be left to the states. Both candidates mirror their opposition to arctic drilling. The League of Conservation Voters endorsed the candidate with a lifetime score of 82%. The candidate wants to provide 5 billon solar panels by 2020. The candidate believes fracking should be banned outright and believes there should be a carbon tax too. The candidate is endorsed by Friends of the Earth. The League of Conservation Voters gives the candidate a lifetime score is 95%. The candidate wants to provide 10 million solar panels by 2020.

The candidate wants to ban for-profit prisons and will demilitarize the police. The candidates mirror funding to provide treatment for substance abuse instead of jails and end the war on drugs fiasco. The candidates mirror legislation to end mass incarceration and will provide police body cams.

The candidate proposes to train Syrian fighters to fight ISIS and supports a no fly zone. The candidate plans to maintain troops in the Middle East if needed. The candidate wants a high amount of U.S. involvement in the fight against ISIS. The candidate does not propose to train Syrian fighters and is against a no fly zone. The candidate wants the withdrawal troops from other countries problems and believes the Middle East should be largely responsible for fighting ISIS.

Both candidates oppose the Transpacific Agreement.

Both candidates support background checks for guns.

Both oppose the Keystone Pipeline.

Both mirror a pro-immigration policy.

Both mirror overturning Citizens United.

Both mirror requiring corporations to publicly disclose donations to Superpacs.

When you get down to the basics, there are some differences, but they are not incommensurable. Up to this point, the Sanders-Clinton divide has been good-natured jibing that is typical of people who have differences of opinion, but has unfortunately turned nasty.

So here’s how the problem will be fixed. If Sanders does not get enough delegates, then Hillary should ask him to run as vice president and he should accept. They are two sides of the same coin, not one is establishment and the other one isn’t. C’mon people, Bernie Sanders has been in Washington D.C. a long time too. We are so lucky that we have two amazing candidates. United we can progress, otherwise we will be oppressed by the idiocracy of Donald Trump.