Ubermensch? Reinforcement!

Ubermensch is proud to announce that our team keeps growing. Now we have two more team members to boast of — Kevin Bryant and Peter Klein. Two things that Peter and Kevin certainly have in common are experience and vision.

2010 Kevin co-founded one of the industry’s most unique consulting firms in the social media arena. 2016 it was named a Red Herring Top 100 Tech firm.

Twenty years in banking honed Kevin’s Kevin’s perspective on sales, relationship building, and change, encompassing all aspects of corporate lending to investment banking to retail. His last position was as General Manager of BankBoston/Fleet Boston’s European operations. He also was a President of Ermis Maritime tanker company.

Kevin has also served on the boards of two public companies and the board of Babson College.

His specialties are Change management, financial analysis, investing, strategic planning, social media, economics, teaching, stress management

Peter Klein is the CEO Educated Change. He has lived and worked across Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Peter’s fields of interest are Social Selling, AI and Blockchain.

Crazy about education Peter Klein and Educated Change run a Registered Charity; Educate Ethiopia, an International Charity that helps keep 21 schools open in Ethiopia, allowing 6000 children to stay in school and supported by Community Groups focused on Delivering Loving Change

Kevin Bryant: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinbryanteducatedchange/ Peter Klein: https://www.linkedin.com/in/influencerpeterklein/ �p-� Z