Testing tips: How to test Bitcoin wallet apps?

What makes bitcoin popular?

The popularity of different internet services and online e-commerce made it necessary to create a new type of payment solution that would satisfy the needs of millions of internet users. Bitcoin, a digital currency with no centralized control has filled the vacancy.

Since 2015, a great number of online merchants and resellers have been using Bitcoin to purchase goods and services. This step turned it from a new exotic, online currency to a popular reliable and easy to use payment method.

Now you can use your Bitcoins for a wide range of purposes, such as buying electronic services and discounts, physical goods, booking tickets, hotels, etc. Bitcoins are now accepted even in offline stores, such as bars and restaurants.

What changes in the blockchain technology we can expect in 2017?

2017 is promised to bring even more success to Bitcoin and its blockchain technology. Some of the world political instabilities and economic problems don’t prevent this cryptocurrency from gaining more and more popularity. Many people like the idea of having a borderless currency.

Cryptography allows Bitcoin to operate with sensitive information securely, anonymously and efficiently. That is why the blockchain (a decentralized encrypted ledger) will be the first question to be discussed among those businesses that aim to alter their financial processes. Large companies, sooner or later, are going to start making major plays in bitcoin and this opens the door to larger markets for Bitcoin.

How should you test an app with blockchain API?

Dozens of mobile apps with blockchain API are currently being developed to satisfy the needs of all Bitcoin users. If you decide to dive deep in this area, it is strongly recommended to meet the high standards of cryptography and take the testing process very seriously.

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