Travel Apps Testing Tips: How to Make an App like Expedia?

With 95% of travelers taking their cell phones with them on trips, it`s become essential for travel businesses to connect with their customers through mobile apps. Moreover, travel apps have even replaced maps and phrasebooks for those journeys to faraway corners of the planet. Some bold travelers have managed to travel through Asia or America using only Expedia or Triposo on their phones!

Therefore we have come to the logical conclusion that building a reliable travel app today is a sound investment, granted of course that you know how to test it and make it smooth and fast. The contents of this article provide the reader with valuable information on how to create and test bug-free travel apps that can bring an app to the top in the stores and help a business owner earn real money.

Traveling Apps Testing Checklist

There are 5 key points for you to pay attention to in this checklist:

1. Interruption Testing

To make sure that your app works immaculately, you should test your app for 7 of the most important interruption options:

  • other app notifications,
    • home screen jump,
    • sleep mode,
    • battery low & battery dead,
    • incoming call & text message,
    • storage low & no storage, and
    • intermittent connectivity & airplane mode.

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