Why it is important to buy independent labels

For the last 5 years I have been working closely with independent fashion designers, I have followed many which went from a single founder with a dream to collecting more interest and orders they could have ever imagined at fashion shows and online after launches.

There is an inner joy that every designer has experience the moment they sell their first product, a feeling many of us cannot imagine a sense of pride that takes is achieved when someone goes from dream to idea and then to reality that many of us wish for.

This feeling I believe is our real sixth sense, the sense of creation. It is the combination of using all of our being. Our soul to dream of an idea, our body to create and then our mind to market and ultimately produce the sale of the item. It is seen as an inner quality or even a selfish one by some, but it is the most social skill we possess. By producing something we love and providing it to other people to love is what drives human achievement at its core. Like they say the best way to build a better world is to contribute the best you.

They are the backbone of your country

Independent fashion designers and brands are part of your community, provide us with a human connection from a friend to friend rather than sales person to consumer and moving forward are providing more opportunities to young and hungry entrepreneurs to solve interesting problems.

They are the core of creativity

A fierce designer is one who is trying to challenge old held beliefs, create something from next to nothing and wants to impact the people in a positive way. Many are fast to not only cut carbon footprints and slave wage labour but find new and innovative ways to benefit their clients when avoiding the industrial age processes.

There are designing for you and not just the standard person

I have experienced the energy and delight when becoming a client for a special brand, on my side it was the beauty in taking control of my choices and deciding what I wanted, the relationship in supporting and being apart of something new that wanted me and rather than transactional exchange it was an exchange of ideas and experience from someone who loved what they did and who provided me with value beyond a sales or store experience. I did not just give that brand money, I gave them energy and enthusiasm with a reassurance that what they were doing was for me!

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