Beginners guide to Display Advertising

The Right Audience, The Right Time, And The Right Place

There are many reasons why Google Display Network should an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. With specific targeting and re-marketing, it delivers relevant and timely ads that resonate with your audience.

Let us help you witheverything you need to get started with Google Display Advertising:

What Google Display Advertising offers

  • Effective Targeting — Advertise locally or globally
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Increases brand visibility
  • Support re-marketing tactics
  • High optimization and campaign metrics — stay in control of your spends

Targeting on the Google Display Network

You can target audiences on the display network to narrow your reach to people more likely to be interested in your products or services. This can be achieved via:

Placement Targeting

Placement targeting refers to the option of choosing which websites you want to appear on, thus giving you the most control over where you’re going to appear on the GDNs.

Contextual Targeting

This is the most common targeting type, since it utilizes the keywords related to the products and services you offer. Instead of trying to come up with likely search queries like you would do for a search network campaign, you should be writing a list of 5–20 words or short phrases that are very closely related to the subject of your Ads.

Topic Targeting

Topic targeting allows you to choose from an existing list of page topics, meaning that your ads will only display on pages about that topic. For example, a topic can be as broad as ‘fitness’, whereas your ad may be highly targeted towards ‘Tai-chi’.

Interest Targeting

Interest targeting lets advertisers target the user, not the page content, this means that the user might be looking at anything when your ad appears (provided they’re on a site within the GDN).


Remarketing allows you to deposit a cookie on the computers of the visitors to pages on your website. Google will then display ads specifically to those people whenever they visit sites on the Google Display Network.

Combining Different Targeting Methods

AdWords display targeting is most effective when a combination of targeting methods are used. If an advertiser applies more than one targeting method to an ad group, their ads will only display to people who match both targeting criteria.

Combining one or more different targeting methods will reduce the potential impressions of your ads, but will leave you with extremely well targeted ad groups. If you create enough of these kind of Ad Groups, you’ll be able to mimic your high traffic ad groups, but with much more effective targeting.

For example, you could combine topics and interest targeting. If a user visits a site within the topic an advertiser selects, and they’re in a matching interest category too then it’s clear that the user consistently reads that material. This combination improves the advertisers chances of getting the right type of visitor compared to either topics or interest categories alone.

Optimizing Your Display Campaigns

The main method for optimizing display campaigns is to regularly review the automatic placements report, and add relevant placements. We’d also advise adding any irrelevant or poor performing sites as negative placements in your automatic placement campaign.

Other optimization techniques for display network campaigns include:

  • Excluding irrelevant audiences and categories
  • Reviewing reach basis the performance
  • Reviewing ad performance basis geographies
  • Adding click-to-call extensions if you are targeting mobile devices
  • Exclude mobile apps — Avoid wasting money on these accidental clicks.

There are plenty of other strategies you could implement to continually improve the performance of your display network campaigns but if you’re just starting out on the Display Network and want to closely monitor performance on specific sites then reviewing your placements report on a regular basis is where you should focus your time.

Hope this article will helped you in understanding the basics of Google Display Networks.

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