GetHired 101 : 2nd Live Chat Session with Udacity Team India

When we launched GetHired we honestly were not prepared for the over-whelming response. Students and working professionals from all over the country have put their faith in the programme and signed up in dozens.

Last Sunday, we hosted our first GetHired live chat session. People who attended asked questions about the Nanodegree programs and GetHired, got a sneak peek into the Udacity India office and met the Udacity team.

Giving in to the over-whelming response we received on Sunday, we’re hosting the 2nd live chat session tomorrow i.e. 7th December 2016 at 7:30 PM IST. If you missed out on the last one, this is your chance.

Attend the GetHired Live Chat

What is GetHired?

From where we stand, we can see 1 honest problem in today’s educational — job ecosystem that we’re trying to solve.

Bridge the gap between college education and skillability.

When educators and business leaders were asked if today’s college education is preparing the students adequately for jobs in the real world, this was their response —

Do you think that the current education system is skilling students for a job?

Enter GetHired — Job Meets Skill !

With GetHired, Udacity’s mission is to bridge that skillability gap. The first variable in this equation — of having in-demand skills accessible to anyone and everyone, is being taken care of with our Nanodegree programs. It’s the other variable of making these highly in-demand jobs accessible that GetHired aims to achieve.

Udacity = to impart the technological skills that are highly in-demand
GetHired = to marry the in-demand jobs to skilled Nanodegree graduates

How does GetHired work?

GetHired is your arsenal to skip the line and score direct interviews with some of the hottest technology companies in India!

The GetHired Way of Job-Hunting and Hiring

Want to know more about GetHired? Come join us for our 2nd live chat session, tomorrow i.e. 7th December 2016 at 7:30 PM IST, with team Udacity and come armed with as many questions as you can.

Attend the GetHired Live Chat

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