Interviewless hiring is real — The Anirudh Ramanan Story

Anirudh Ramanan

At Udacity, our aim has always been to equip students with skills, which would help them do meaningful work. In the last 5 years, Flipkart has been doing some pathbreaking work in the field of e-commerce. It has the reputation of being a tech led company and is an aspirational brand for engineers across the India.

Anirudh Ramanan was one of Udacity’s success stories from our interviewless hiring deal with Flipkart. He’s interning at Flipkart as a software developer, in their Android team, which he hails as one of the best teams at Flipkart.

Still a 4th year, B.Tech (Computer Science) student from Galgotias University, Noida, he started programming out of interest. He says, “I started with android development in my 2nd year of B.Tech. and I developed some basic apps for android, and published them in the Play Store.”

Anirudh’s story is one that you hear about — from being interested in a technology and that interest leading to working with an industry pioneer.

The Udacity Advantage

Anirudh credits Udacity with being more than an resource. He says, “Udacity has been a tutorial partner for me from my early days of android programming. Opting for Android Nanodegree was one of the best decisions I have ever taken.” Anirudh joined the course around July 2015.

He says, “due to my previous experience in Android, the early projects were easy for me. But from then on, each project was a learning experience for me. They motivated me to push my limits, and yes I ended up learning something new every single time.” Anirudh finished I his course in just 22 days, spending around 12–13 hours a day for the course.

He says, “the good thing about online education is that you can learn whenever and wherever. Sometimes I would stay on Udacity courses till 5.00am. I truly think that online education can prove to be more useful than traditional offline education.”

Life after the Nanodegree and a surprise

“After graduating from Nanodegree, my life was back to the daily routine. Going to college and attending the ongoing placement sessions,” says Anirudh.

One day around November 2015, Anirudh got a shocker — “I got a call from Flipkart, that I have been selected for a 6 months internship program. I could not believe that it happened, that too without any interview. IT was a memorable moment that I can never forget.”

He says, “the Udacity Nanodegree is up to date with the latest technologies in the market. The projects are challenging. There were times when I was completely stuck. But, there were plenty of online resources (Udacity Forums, stack overflows, the Udacity G+ group). These resources helped me to overcome those bottlenecks. The code reviews were also useful. The reviewers advised me for a better replacement libraries that I could have used in place.”

“The most exciting project of the entire course was ‘SuperDuo’. This project had a list of user reviews, and the issues that the users were facing. The aim was to fix all the mentioned bugs, and to add any features that were missing. In my opinion, debugging and fixing bugs in a code that has not been written by you is more difficult than creating an app from scratch. This is one of the problem that anyone can face when he/she joins a new company,” He says

When asked about what he would do next, he says, “as of now, I am excited about of my work at Flipkart, the current and future projects. As a next step, I am planning to join the Tech-entrepreneur Nanodegree course soon.”

Anirudh also loves contributing to open source projects. You can follow his blog —

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