Uddeshya India : Awakening Change Makers

I remember this excerpt from the Bhagvad Gita which says that the true nature of this world is change. That is the only constant in the equation of life, Change. And the true irony of our basic nature as a species is to resist change. 
When a group of like minded individuals with a common goal of empowering their generation come together, they become empowered individuals and agents of positive change. Uddeshya was formed by a set of similar highly motivated group of students. We started in 2011 with a handful of members and a seemingly impossible goal, of influencing our peers positively. Impressionability is a volatile state of mind because at this stage of youth we are vulnerable to all the wrong kinds of influences as well.

If you visit any of the United Nations Office sites related to youth and human resource you will find daunting statistics of how youth is being misled or misused globally. Drugs, Trafficking, Violence, Corruption, and so many other societal evils loom like dark clouds over the youth of the world. And that makes it the duty of empowered individuals like us to help our friends and peers to stay motivated and stay on the right path.

Therefore we at Uddeshya India have taken a pledge to become agents of positive change and help awaken a generation of pioneers in the social revolution of wellness by helping others make informed decisions about their lives and therefore become responsible citizens of India, and responsible denizens of Earth.