The Ups and the Downs

So, for this week’s task it was to explain our Struggles and our Successes during the term and I’m just going to go straight into it.

First struggle; trying to use platforms that I really don’t like using. I’m not going to shy away from it, there’s some platforms out there that are just not for me, for example Klout. I just don’t like their scheduling tool and I never really understood the point in it. The klout score is a good way of keeping you engaged with your social media life but I just think it’s a bit much.

LeedsCrepsOfficial Instagram page

Anyway, enough about that the next struggle of defiantly posting regularly for my Instagram account, LeedsCrepsOfficial. At first I was getting pictures and posting them manually which really was a struggle but in my next point you’ll see how I overcome that problem.

The power of my new best friend, Buffer. Oh, buffer how you’ve helped me this term. Buffer is an amazing scheduling tool which allows you to load up posts and then share them later and it’s so simple and easy to use which I have already explained in my Tools for Fools post. If you’re reading this and are starting up a new blog or online platform then I really do encourage you to check out buffer, it’ll help your big time.

The next success would be blogging. As I mentioned before I wasn’t too keen overall online platforms thing but I’ve really warmed to it and really think I’ll carry on using my online platform and keep uploading on medium as well.